USA Sportsbooks

Identifying a reputable US sportsbook online can be confusing and should not be taken lightly. There are many details to be taken into consideration to ultimately be able to trust a particular sports betting site with your money. Experts in the field of betting on sports believe that you should stick to what you know.

However, if you are trying a new place or if you are a rookie at online USA sportbooks, we can guide you to choose the correct one. The basic and most important key points to consider are: that they have a reliable PC and mobile interface, that they offer trusted and known banking options, that they have competitive lines, and last but not least, that they carry a legitimate license to operate in the sportsbetting industry. These are the important factors that will dictate how reputable the website is and how much customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

In sporst betting, sometimes time is of the essence and at some point you will have to place a quick bet. If the U.S sportsbook you play with does not have reliable and quick software, then that will be a problem. Placing a bet anytime anywhere becomes a necessity for the avid betting fan who will sometimes have to bet using a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop or any PC nearby.

The banking capabilities a sportsbook has is perhaps one of the most important (to many the most important) factors to take into consideration. You should be able to use multiple banking options when you deposit and withdrawal your money. Your account should always be accessible for you to carry on your banking needs easily and quickly.

The spread and the total at the U.S sportsbook you choose, as well as the teaser lines, parlays and prop bets, should be competitive enough to be compared with Las Vegas lines. If you want to be 100% happy and at peace with the place you pick to place your bets, make sure they are able to prove the ownership of a legal online gambling licensing certification. This is a must not only for a company to have it, but also for a player to request it if necessary and a reputable company will have no problem in proving their valued US customers and anyone else they have the permission to carry on with their operations. Never overlook this particular detail and make sure you research in depth about how legit the sporstbook of your choosing is.

So again, let’s review one by one the important factors that should be included in your search for the best and most respectable sportsbook for you to open an account at:


The software should be easy to use, integrated with encryption technology, reliable, fast, accessible and must be able to work perfectly on a PC and mobile. Looks should be the least of your concerns when it comes to software.

Banking Options:

When looking for a USA online sportsbook you will want to inquire about their banking options before opening an account. You want to be able to feel safe and secure about where your funds are going. The option you choose should be able to quickly get the money into your account as well as out of it. Payouts should not trouble you with too many run-arounds.

Competitive Lines and Odds:

Many bettors, especially when they are new to the industry, do not take the time to shop around for odds. Remember not to let yourself be tricked by flashy banners and marketing ads. The odds should be able to be compared Las Vegas lines to qualify as considerable lines. You might be surprised to see that a few US online sportsbooks might even have better lines than Vegas! Always have a point of comparison, don’t dive right in.


Taking into account a company’s reputation is of utmost importance, but it is inarguably more important when choosing a USA sportsbook. Simply put, anyone can make a website and bettors are incapable of visiting the company’s headquarters to get a firsthand look at who you’re doing business with. After spending years of analyzing and comparing different sportsbooks, it’s clear that banking, licensing, software, and quality of betting lines are the trademarks of an elite sports betting site. Appropriately, the sportsbooks which strive to provide recognizable and secure banking options, quick and optimal software, accurate betting lines, and above all legitimate licensing, are the sportsbooks that always walk away with the best reputations; all the while operating with rectitude and probity. With that in mind, betting fans can see exactly what makes this short list of reputable sportsbook sites so valuable.