Basic Bet Types from the Top Sports Betting Sites

Betting Types from the best betting sites

If you are a new bettor and you need some information about the type of bets that all the major online sportsbooks offer, here’s the list of every betting type that the top sports betting sites offer:

Straight Bet is the simpler one of the bunch. In this type of wager the player selects the team that will win the game.

Parlay Bets mean that a player can place several bets on different games that day. In other words, in order to win the game, you must successfully pick the winners in multiple games.

In-Play Bets are special wagers that allow the players to place bets on games that are in progress.

Halftime Bets are similar to straight bets, but with the difference that you are only wagering on the final score on a specific half of a game. When the game is close to starting we will post the line for the first half of the game, once the game reaches halftime we will post the line for the second half.

Teaser Bets are a special type of wagers that allow the player to combine his wagers on two different games. Extra points when choosing 2, 3 or 4 teams.

If Bets are wagers that will allow the bettor to select two picks. The first bet has to win in order to have action on the second bet.

Reverse Bets similar to the If Bets, they are essentially two straight bets and the total amount of the reverse will be the amount of each straight bet.

Round Robin bets is a wager were the player creates several parlays at one time. It is a much quicker way to wager on several parlay bets.

Buying Points is an option that allows the player to buy half points, full points or 1.5 points whenever wagering on point spreads in football or basketball.

Prop Bets are special wagers set up by the sportsbook of specific events during and surrounding special events. Usually these bets are mostly made for entertainment purposes.

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