How to Bet Teasers

Once you have mastered the straight bet and the parlay wager, the next thing on the table for you to know how to bet on sports is the “teaser” bet. This type of wager allows the player to combine bets from two games. In some of the best online sportsbooks, these types of wagers allow for them to include up to four bets. In this type of wager you are able to adjust the spread for the games in question. It is commonly used most on basketball and football.

In teasers the bettor is given the option of assigning points on their favor to add or subtract from the games they chose in order to adjust the spread in their favor. Doing this it will affect the odds of the game, allowing for balance to be kept so the player can decide how they would like to risk their advantage.

The rules can change from one sportsbook to another, but the basics state that in teasers, ties are considered no action unless there’s a loser. For example, a tie/loss is ruled as a loss, but a tie/win is considered no action. The same applies for cancellations, a cancellation – loss is a loss, but a cancellation – win is a no action. Like previous types of special wagers covered in our how to bet on sports series, these wagers are not allowed for halftime bets, or 1st half wagers.

Depending on the sportsbook you are playing with, there are two types of teaser bets available. The vast majority of online sports betting sites offer them both. The first kind is called the “Special teaser”(the name varies in different sites, but the mechanics are the same). This type of bet allows you to pick up to five teams. Then, you are awarded points to adjust the spread and have the odds how you’d like them. The standard norm is that you must play a minimum of 11/10 on all teasers. Also, that the limits on amounts wagered can change from one sportsbook to the next. We advise that if are learning how to bet on sports, that you read the rules on the sportsbook’s website or contact customer service to get further clarification.

The other type of teaser is called the “Vegas teaser”, this wager is similar to a multi-team parlay. In this case the bettor has less points to use from but they are allowed to select more teams. Like the “Special Teaser”, it is recommended that the player first contact the sportsbook directly and get the rules from the site themselves before trying to set up one of these wagers. Also, it is important to know if you are learning how to bet on sports, that by adjusting the point spread you are playing with the odds, depending on how you adjust the points given, you might be risking more money that from what you would be getting. Teasers are fun bets to play if you know how to do it right, but it is important that before you play them you get all the information correct first.