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Best Mobile Betting Sportsbooks – Mobile Betting Sites for 2020

Best Mobile Betting and Cell Phone betting Sportsbooks Online

There used to be only way to do some mobile betting. And that was to go to the city in Alabama and place a bet there. However, things have changed with the advent of cell phone betting. You could be in Mobile, Alabama and place a wager on, say, a soccer game in Argentina. Even the time difference would not be a problem. Today’s modern gambler can place a bet anytime, anywhere. What a great future we live in! Wait, didn’t I mean ‘present’? Anyway. Let’s see which sportsbooks offer the best mobility. And nobility.

Top Cell Phone Betting Websites

MyBookie.ag Sportsbook

Their mobile platform is easy and free to use. There is absolutely no download necessary. It offers lines on all major sports, same as the desktop interface. In addition to that, it gives customers access to many online casino games. Finally, it is available, as Titus O’Neill would say, world! wide!

Intertops.eu Sportsbook

Their online casino allows you to use your existing Intertops Casino Classic account. Unless you don’t have one. In which case you should go and get one. Moreover, it is web-based. That is to say, you don’t have to download or install anything. Similarly, it doesn’t take up space on your device. And it’s always 100% updated.

GTBets.eu Sportsbook

Place straight bets, parlays, teasers, if-bets and whatnot from your iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows phone or Tablet. Also, signup a new account, make deposits, submit wagers in both sports and casino, and also submit withdrawal requests. No download required. The website automatically redirects you to their mobile platform when logging in from a mobile device.

BetOnline.ag Sportsbook

Their mobile interface is fast and easy to use, and requires no download. Available on iPhone, BlackBerry or any other Internet browser-enabled mobile phone. Just type in www.BetOnline.ag on a mobile device and you will automatically be redirected to Mobile.BetOnline.ag.

How mobile betting works

If you think of your smart phone as a tiny little computer, then you already know how cell phone betting works. Because it works pretty much the same as gambling does on you PC or Mac. The same options are available and you can bet on the same sports. Of course there may be some aesthetic differences. Like watching a movie on a phone instead of a flat screen TV. Godzilla may not look or sound as menacing. Furthermore, you have to tap the screen with your fingertips instead of using a keyboard. So wash your hands thoroughly so as to leave stains. Other than that, and for all intents and purposes, it involves the same mechanics. With the added benefit that, as the word mobile implies, you can take it with you anywhere you go.

Safety concerns

As a gambler, you are aware of the importance of confidentiality. You want to keep your personal information personal. And your financial information between yourself and your accountant. Perhaps one of the Hebrew persuasion? Speaking of which, we can assure that all of the websites listed above are perfectly kosher. And by extension, so are their mobile platforms. It also bears repetition the fact that we’re talking about interfaces, not apps. If you download an app, you may be unwittingly inviting malware into your device. No risk of that with mobile betting. A word to the wise, though. Don’t be thrifty. Buy your own internet plan. Refrain from open networks and Wi-Fi hotspots. That’s like swimming in a public pool.

What to look for

Chances are you already have a favorite betting website(s). The best and easiest way to go about it is to use that website’s cell phone betting platform. Unless it doesn’t have one. And if that happens to be the case, then you should find a new favorite. Once again, may we suggest one of the websites enumerated above? And now for something completely different, please visit Mobile, Alabama. Enjoy its parks, museums and historic architecture, as well as its archives and libraries.