Rams Betting Favorites against Cardinals NFL Week 7 NFC West Rivalry

After a successful day of college football betting, online sportsbook players are ready to shift their focus towards the National Football League. Heading into Week 7’s action, there are plenty of enticing matchups to keep bettors invested in the day’s games. There’s Falcons vs. Patriots, Seahawks vs. Giants, and Bengals vs. Steelers to offer a broad variety of professional football battles to suit fans’ individual interests. But even among these eye-catching pairings, NFL betting players will want to pay special attention to the contest pitting the Arizona Cardinals against the Los Angeles Rams. Let’s take a look at what kind of action US sportsbooks are predicting for this NFC West rivalry.

Betting Arizona

The Arizona Cardinals fly into this Sunday’s matchup sporting a 3-3 record that ranks them 3rd in the NFC West. Right now the Los Angeles Rams are leading the division with the 3-2 Seahawks sitting at the No. 2 spot. Arizona’s 3 losses of the season have come against the Detroit Lions, the Dallas Cowboys, and the Philadelphia Eagles. The Cardinals 3 wins on the year have come against the Indianapolis Colts, the San Francisco 49ers, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Cards barely edged out a victory over the Bucs this past weekend, as the 38-33 finish easily could’ve gone the other way. With their current record, the Cardinals have a chance of usurping the Rams this Sunday. The top sportsbooks around the web are siding with the Rams however, pegging them as a 3 point favorite on the spread line.

The Cardinals got a slow start to the season but their offense has been able to rebound recently. Specifically their passing game, which currently ranks 3rd in the NFL. On the ground Arizona ranks dead last in the league. However, the Cards are looking to change that by bringing in Adrian Peterson from the New Orleans Saints. The Saints’ pass-heavy offense was counterproductive to Peterson’s running style – which requires more than a handful of carries per game. Arizona will be contending against the NFL’s 29th worst run defense so it wouldn’t be shocking to see them run well over two dozen times this Sunday.

Betting Los Angeles

The Rams are 4-2 and are coming off a 27-17 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars. Los Angeles has also picked up wins over the Indianapolis Colts, the San Francisco 49ers, the Dallas Cowboys, as well as the aforementioned Jags. Rams’ fans are no strangers to early season success but it would be new to see the Rams remain near the top of the division towards the end of the year. A win against Arizona this Sunday would go a long way to cement their standing in the division, and maybe even help erase that loss against Seattle.

Much to everyone’s surprise, the Rams are actually the NFL’s No. 1 scoring offense. A big part of that has come from the defense however, who has been able to find the end zone a few times themselves. Nevertheless, Los Angeles still wields the league’s 8th best total offense, 10th best passing offense, and 13th best rushing offense. This Sunday, Jared Goff & Co. will have to compete against a defense that ranks 28th in scoring, 25th against the pass and 9th against the run. The Rams might not have that much success on the ground this Sunday, but they should have zero issues finding the end zone through the air.

Online Sportsbook Betting Lines & Odds:

Arizona Cardinals +3 (-119)           45 (-110)         +130

Los Angeles Rams -3 (-101) 45 (-110)         -150

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NFL Week 7 Odds: Dallas Cowboys vs. San Francisco 49ers Picks

The Dallas Cowboys have been making an online NFL betting splash for all the wrong reasons this year. Before the season even kicked off, the Cowboys were engulfed in controversy regarding a domestic abuse allegation and their star running back Ezekiel Elliott. Elliott to this name proclaims innocence and there are more than enough details to back up his claim. However, the NFL – more notably commissioner Roger Goodell, has down all he can to bring down the gavel on this one. Unfortunately for him, Elliott and the NFLPA have been fighting this thing every step of the way. This past offshore sportsbook week, the league managed to get a court to rule in favor of them and reinstate Elliott’s 6 game suspension. But then, just a few days afterwards, the NFLPA managed to get another court to reverse the ruling. It’s starting to look like this battle will drag on for the entire length of the season and one has to wonder just how big of a distraction is this story causing for Dallas. Either way, Elliott will be in the lineup this Sunday as the Cowboys travel to San Francisco to take on the Niners.

Betting Dallas

The Cowboys ride into this Week 7 matchup with a 2-3 record that ranks the franchise 3rd in the NFC East. Dallas is coming off a tough 35-31 loss to the Green Bay Packers, thanks to a late game drive by Aaron Rodgers, before enjoying a Bye Week this past weekend. It’s doubtful that the Cowboys got much joy out of their rest however since they went into it with a 2 game losing streak.

Apart from the matchup on the gridiron, this pairing is of particular interest. Jerry Jones, the most recognizable owner in the league, put a bulls eye on his head when he came out strongly against the anthem protests, saying that any player caught kneeling would not play in the subsequent football game. No player has stepped out of bound – yet. It’s understandable why Jones would make such a statement: money is the bottom line in the NFL. Jones tried to get his players back on his side by saying that he only made the inflammatory comments to take the attention off of the locker room and on him instead. But considering that the Cowboys will be going to San Francisco this Sunday, to play in the stadium that birthed the anthem protests, it will be interesting to see if anybody from America’s team steps out of line.

Betting San Francisco

The Niners, alongside the Cleveland Browns, are the only winless teams left in the league. San Fran has lost games against the Panthers, the Seahawks, the Rams, Cardinals, Colts and Redskins. This past weekend’s contest against the Washington Redskins is the closest the Niners have come to breaking the W column. Against a struggling team like the Cowboys, the top sportsbooks on the web are still siding against San Francisco decisively. There’s no question that taking San Francisco on the money line is an extremely poor bet. However, picking them to cover that 6 point spread doesn’t seem half bad.

Offshore Sportsbook Betting Lines & Odds:

Dallas Cowboys -6 (-113)     48 ½ (-110)     -270

San Francisco 49ers +6 (-107)         48 ½ (-110)     +222

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Seahawks Betting Favorites against Giants on NFL Week 7

Online sportsbook betting players who backed the New York Giants in their Week 6 matchup against the Denver Broncos found themselves cashing in on some pretty lucrative odds. The Giants had been winless up until that point and top sportsbook sites around the web were giving them some pretty lopsided odds. In the end, New York managed to shock both Denver and the entire online NFL betting community with a 23-10 triumph over one of the best defenses in the NFL. Looking over the odds online football bookmakers are giving the Giants in their Week 7 matchup versus the Seattle Seahawks, it’s clear that sportsbooks were greatly impressed by New York’s performance this past Sunday. Take a look: Seattle Seahawks -4 (-110) total 40 (-110).

Betting Seattle

The Seahawks fly into this weekend’s contest sporting a 3-2 record that ranks the franchise 2nd in the NFC West. To everybody’s surprise, the Los Angeles Rams are currently leading the West – thanks to their impressive 4-2 record. The Seahawks very much appear to be the same as last season’s squad; a top-tier defense coupled with a mediocre offense. In fact, other than the Hawks’ game against the Colts (where they managed to break the mold by putting up 46 on Indianapolis) Seattle hasn’t scored more than 20 in a single game. The Seahawks two losses of the season have come against the Green Bay Packers and the Tennessee Titans, while they have managed to triumph over the San Francisco 49ers, the Indianapolis Colts and even the Los Angeles Rams this past weekend.

That win against the Rams was huge. Had Seattle lost, they would be pretty far behind the Rams in the divisional race. The Rams have had a pretty consistent offense this season but the Seahawks’ Pro Bowl filled secondary once again proved their dominance by holding them to 10 points. This Sunday that group will be going up against the NFL’s 29th worst scoring offense and 19th worst passing attack. Considering the kind of season Eli Manning has been having so far, online sportsbook players should expect a low scoring game this weekend. And considering how low-scoring of an offense the Hawks have themselves, the under line is inarguably the best sportsbook bonus to take advantage of for Week 7’s action.

Betting New York

The Giants come into this game with a 1-5 record that ranks them last in the NFC East. The East is shaping up to be one of the toughest divisions in pro football with the Eagles leading the race at 5-1. The 3-2 Redskins aren’t far behind and the 2-3 Cowboys are still in it as well. It goes without saying that New York will need to rack up a couples of Ws before they area to become contenders in the NFC East. This past Sunday’s win against a team like the Broncos could certainly end up being the spark that ignites a long win streak that will take New York into the playoffs. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time Eli Manning and Co. accomplished that sort of thing. All things considered, there’s not that much value on a New York upset this Sunday. Stick to the totals line on this one.

Online Sportsbook Betting Lines & Odds:

Seattle Seahawks -4 (-110) 40 (-110)         -205

New York Giants +4 (-110)  40 (-110)         +172

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New Orleans Saints vs. Green Bay Packers Betting Odds Preview Week 7

After losing their two-time MVP Aaron Rodgers this past weekend, the Green Bay Packers know they have nothing but hardships ahead of them. First up is the New Orleans Saints, a team coming off a 52-38 beating of the Packers’ divisional rivals, the Detroit Lions. Now with Brett Hundley under center, the best online sportsbooks for American players are ruling against Green Bay – drastically. Most online NFL betting players would agree that without Rodgers the Pack stands zero chance of triumphing over Drew Brees and the Saints. But let’s find out just how big of a beating NFL bookmakers are predicting for this Sunday.

Betting New Orleans

At 3-2, the Saints are currently pegged as the second best team in the NFC South, alongside the Atlanta Falcons. The Carolina Panthers currently lead the division, with their envy-inducing 4-2 record. As aforementioned, the Saints are coming off a big win over the Detroit Lions. New Orleans’ defense played a big hand in that lopsided finish, scoring 3 touchdowns after forcing a turnover. The Packers have a +3 turnover ratio but the Saints will be looking to get that figure into the negatives come Sunday.

Drew Brees comes marching into this Sunday’s matchup with 10 touchdowns, 1,321 yards, a 103.3 passer rating and just 2 interceptions to his name. Going up against the league’s 11th best pass defense, Brees will be somewhat put to the test. Green Bay isn’t known for having an elite secondary, but rookie Kevin King has made a sizable impact. The Packers haven’t been faring that well against the run (the Saints’ wield the NFL’s 14th best running attack) but they have had to contend with a considerable amount of injuries to the defensive line. Most notably Mike Daniels, who sportsbook online players will recognize from the league’s top-100 player rankings. All in all, the Saints shouldn’t have too hard a time finding the end zone against Green Bay this Sunday.

Betting Green Bay

Green Bay is coming off a tough 23-10 loss to the Minnesota Vikings that places them behind that same team in the NFC North standings. The Packers lost Rodgers in their first series that day and were only able to find the end zone once subsequently. However, the Vikes’ defense is one of the most formidable and the Packers had to contend with a quarterback that was likely powering the scout team the week before. The injury forced the offense to stick to their base package – something an elite defense like Minnesota would have no problem picking them apart. But now, with a full week of practice for backup Brett Hundley, Green Bay is poised to prove that they have considerable talent at positions other than quarterback – something few sportsbook online players currently believe.

There’s no beating around the bush, the Packers need their defense to come up big if they are to somehow pull off the upset this Sunday. The line was more drastic earlier this week but there’s apparently no shortage of players willing to take a little dare on the Pack. It’s certainly not advisable, but it would be thrilling.

Sportsbooks Online Betting Lines & Odds

New Orleans Saints -4 (-109)         47 ½ (-110)     -212

Green Bay Packers +4 (-111)          47 ½ (-110)     +177

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Super Bowl Rematch Betting Odds – Falcons vs. Patriots

The Atlanta Falcons headed into their Week 5 Bye Week with their bitter 23-17 loss, from the week before, to the Buffalo Bills still fresh in their mind. Having to sit around mulching over a loss is one of the worst things a professional football team could have to deal with and players who placed sportsbook bets on an Atlanta rebound in Week 6 ended up being sourly disappointed. Did the loss before the Bye Week cripple the Falcons’ confidence? Perhaps, how else can you justify the Falcons losing to Jay Cutler and the Miami Dolphins? Either way, the Falcons will have an opportunity to win over both US sportsbook players and NFL betting players this Sunday when they travel to Foxborough to take on the reigning Super Bowl champions – the team that stole a Vince Lombardi trophy out from under Atlanta.

Betting Atlanta

The Falcons fly into this Week 7 matchup flashing a 3-2 record that ties them with the New Orleans Saints for the No. 2 spot in the division. The Carolina Panthers are holding down the NFC South right now with their stellar 4-2 record. Facing a 2-game losing streak, Atlanta needs a quick turnaround lest risk falling out of the divisional race. US sportsbooks don’t think the Falcons can get the job done, but the 3 point spread is predicting a close match for the day. However, the Patriots have been scathing by the last couple of weeks. Specifically, there are many online NFL betting fans who feel that New England had their refs on their side in this past Sunday’s match against the Jets. Many feel that the Pats should have lost that game. Combine that with the broiling anger the Falcons have, both from last year’s Super Bowl loss and the last two losses the franchise has endured, and you might just get an Atlanta win this Sunday.

Betting on the totals line for this matchup is one of the best sportsbook bets players could make for Week 7. Both teams have top-tier offenses and should have no problem running up the scoreboard.

Betting New England

The Pats march into this Sunday’s lineup with a 4-2 record that gives them the lead in the AFC East. Had New England lost versus the Jets this past weekend, they would not be leading the division. In fact, the Pats haven’t led the East for most of this year – something that’s been unprecedented the last couple of seasons. Nevertheless, the Patriots are riding a 2 game winning streak and Bill Belichick will be looking to extend that this weekend against the team he more than embarrassed in the Super Bowl.

Tom Brady has been struggling with a slight shoulder injury these last couple of weeks but it doesn’t seem to have impacted him all that much, considering that he threw for 2 touchdowns this past Sunday. The Falcons have the NFL’s 12th best pass defense so they should be able to hold off Brady this weekend. If Atlanta can rough him up a bit, something I imagine they’re looking forward to doing, maybe they can stand a chance of pulling off this sportsbook upset.

US Sportsbook Betting Lines & Odds:

Atlanta Falcons +3 (-102)     56 ½ (-110)     +148

New England Patriots -3 (-118)       56 ½ (-110)     -170

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