BitCoin for Sports Betting – Sportsbooks Accepting BitCoin

Bitcoin is the latest craze taking over the internet, and soon enough the cryptocurrency could revolutionize the way we think about money, as well as the way we handle transactions. The fact that all Bitcoin transactions are part of the public domain, coupled with how simple and effective a tool it is to use, makes the digital currency appealing to all consumers, including sportsbook players.

Sportsbooks that Accept BitCoin

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What is Bitcoin ?

Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency – a word which here means a system that employs encryption techniques to regulate the generation of units of currency and transfer of funds, all the while operating independently of a central bank – in operation since 2009, has been at the forefront of conversations involving technology, the economy, and consumers’ faith in fiat currency. But despite its considerable age, there are some consumers who are still unfamiliar with the Bitcoin.

Why Bitcoins were Invented

Bitcoins were invented by an online persona named Satoshi Nakamoto that represented either the person or people behind the invention of a purely digital exchange system, one that would not only circumvent the cash and coin model that ruled ubiquitously throughout human history, but that would also remove the need for a central bank.

A central bank is a monetary institution that has a monopoly over the printing, distribution, and supply of a nation’s currency. In the US for example, this institution is called the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve prints Federal Reserve Notes – colloquially referred to as the US Dollar – and distributes it to the US Government, who in turn distributes it to the populous.

Consumers actively work to produce labor or goods and willingly accept US dollars in exchange for these services or goods. Herein lies the problem; the US dollar is a fiat currency, which means that it is backed by the government, or the faith consumers have in said government, and not by an actual commodity. With most consumers having a growing distrust for the government, the need for a currency that would bypass a governing body became evident.

How Bitcoins Work

For the sake of argument, let’s say you wanted to send your family member, John, some money, roughly $100 worth of money. If you chose to send the wealth in US dollars, you would send John 100 Federal Reserve Notes. Furthermore, you would have to choose to send it by mail, bank, or by some fund transferring service i.e. PayPal or Western Union.

Bitcoins aim to remove all of that hassle as well as any unwanted third-parties. If you wanted to send your family member money in the form of Bitcoin, all you would need to do is purchase the Bitcoin using a Bitcoin wallet, and then process the transaction to John directly yourself, where they would get deposited directly to John’s Bitcoin wallet. In doing so, you have just traded in a currency that is backed by cryptographic proof rather than a central bank.

Are Bitcoins Safe?

While on their own Bitcoins might not seem like the safest alternative, compared to a fiat currency, Bitcoins are a much better option. Most central banks are private institutions, and since they have a monopoly over that nation’s ruling body they tend to also have a tremendous amount of influence over that government. Most institutions don’t actively exercise this influence, but there’s still no need to have an unnecessary gun pointed at your head.

Bitcoins are safe because every transaction is recorded publically while being enforced by a series of foolproof, impenetrable algorithms. These operations are immensely intricate and a deep understanding of computation is required in order to have the slightest insight into how Bitcoins operate securely. If what makes Bitcoin’s safe could be explained in a few sentences, it would not be that infallible of a system.

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UFC and MMA Betting Guide – How to Bet UFC Fights at Top Sportsbooks

How do you go about betting on the UFC? Are there things you need to know to bet on UFC events? UFC betting lines are on the board at top sportsbooks every single month. There are televised events almost every week in MMA with a number of great betting options on the board at US betting sites. Let’s look at how to bet UFC and factors to consider when you handicap UFC.

Money Lines

UFC betting lines are based on money lines, not pointspreads. UFC odds at sports gambling sites have one fighter favored against another on a money line. It is similar in some respects to golf betting where you have head-to-head matchups.

Let’s look at an example.

Fighter A -150

Fighter B +130

Rounds 2.5 (over -125)

In this example you could choose to take Fighter A and lay the -150 which means you would be betting $15 to win $10 or any amount you choose based on the 15/10 ratio. Or you could take the +130 on Fighter B. The rounds option would have you betting on how long the fight would last with the over favored at -125.

UFC betting lines can get pretty high on some fights and it is not unusual to see a favorite of -400 or more in UFC betting odds at sports gambling sites.


You can also bet on props with UFC betting. These props include how a fight will win with prices on a knockout, submission or decision. You may also have props on the exact round the fight will end and other props like Fight of the Night, Knockout of the Night and Submission of the Night.

UFC Handicapping

There are many UFC betting handicapping factors to consider such as fighting style, motivation, age, reach, etc. Make sure to look at the reports and previews you can find on UFC betting sites. Take a look at the previews and the statistics for each fighter. Keep in mind that it is never a bad idea to bet the underdog simply because underdogs have held their own in UFC betting through the years. If you bet underdogs you don’t even need to win half of your wagers to make money.

It is also a good idea in UFC betting to be selective. If you want to win at UFC betting you need to pick and choose your spots. There are a lot of systems and strategies for betting UFC fights and none of them will work all the time. It is just like betting other sports like the NFL, NBA, etc. as you have to pick your spots.

The good news with UFC betting is that there are almost always previews on each of the fights for the events every month. You can get a very good idea of the styles and motivations of the two fighters before you make your wager. You can also get an idea if bettors believe there is value in taking the underdog before you make your wager at US betting sites.

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How to Bet on Volleyball in the Olympics

The first time the sport of Volleyball was included in the Olympics was in 1964. Awards are won by the best performing men’s and women’s national teams. Teams compete head to head to progress to the next round. A match is won by a team winning three out of five games for the men’s competition and for the women’s it is two out of three. It is a sport that you can place bets or large wagers on the outcome. If you do want to gamble on the outcome of matches, make sure you check for the best bet offers on all sports betting sites first. The Olympic rules used are the same used worldwide provided by the International Volleyball Federation.

What Is The Set Up And Court Size For Olympic Volleyball?

The setup and court size is exactly the same for Olympic Volleyball as it is for international Volleyball. It is 29.5ft wide and 59ft long with a 11ft.⅝ inches high net for the men and 7ft 4 ⅛ inches for the women. In total six players from each team are on the court together and the sit in two banks of three players.

When a volleyball team has the ball, it is served by the player positioned at the right rear. The team that wins the point serves until the opposite team manage to win one of the points. All of the team rotate clockwise changing place after each point. The player that has just served or positioned in the right rear, move to the center position at the back. The rear center then moves clockwise to take up the rear left and so on.

How Does The Olympic Volleyball Scoring System Work?

The scoring system at the Olympic Volleyball tournament is a rally system. Points are won no matter which team is servicing or defending for each play. The team that wins the play takes the points along with serve. The game is won when the first team reaches 25 points. There is a total of five sets available to be played in Men`s Volleyball and to win the match, one of the teams needs to win three sets. For Women`s Volleyball, it is three sets in total and is one once a team wins two.

How Does Olympic Volleyball Game Play Work?

A match point is decided once the ball is served by the rear right positioned player. The ball must be tossed overhead along with being hit over the net. Once the ball is over the net into the opposing team’s side, they must return it without it hitting the floor. They are allowed to hit the ball three times before it must be returned over the net. Players can go out of the court boundaries to hit the ball. For a point to be scored, the ball must cross over the net and land inside the opposing team’s court boundaries. If the ball fails to cross over the net or hits the ground before it is returned, the opposing team scores the point. For fun, viewers like to place free bets on the outcome of matches. If you do this look for the best free bet offers online first.

Here’s the list of top sportsbooks where you can bet on Volleyball in the Olympics and all the sports in general.

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If Bets Explained

The final type of wager that you must master if you want to learn how to bet on sports are the “If bets”. This type of wager is interesting and it is widely available among the best gambling sites. Understanding it can be tricky at first, but it is not that complicated. Furthermore, once you grasp the concept of how it works, you will se that it is a very interesting type of bet.

The mechanics work like this: If bets allow for you to select two picks that can be sides or totals, these picks are considered as two separate straight wagers based on conditions. The first bet has to be deemed a winner so you have action on the second wager. Also, if bets permit the use of the winnings of the first wager to bet on the second bet.

So let’s say that you pick Team A and Team B to win their games. Lets say their lines look like this:

Team A -4 (-110) you risk $110 to win $100
Team B +9 (-110) you risk $210 to win $190

In this case Team A must win. If you bet $110 you will win $100, however if Team A doesn’t cover the spread you loose the bet, and then you will not have any action in the second wager. If Team A wins and Team B doesn’t cover, you win the $100 wager but lose $210. If both teams win you will get a total of $290. That’s the simplest type of if bet, but there are other types that can be tricky to understand for players learning how to bet on sports.

The other popular type of if bet that is available is the If Win, Tie or Cancel. The basic concept works almost the same as the aforementioned If Bet (win only). Basically the difference is that you will have action on the second bet if your first wins, ties or cancels. However, for this wager you don’t have the option to use your potential winnings from the first bet on the second one. But, you have the possibility to risk more on your second bet than on your first bet, that is of course if you have enough balance to cover the wager.

Using the above example of this bet, let’s say that Team A’s wager was considered a push of if the game is cancelled, you will still have action on the second bet. If on the second bet you risked $110, you will win $100 if the second bet is deemed as a winner. However you will lose $110 if they do not cover.

As always, If Bets might have some restrictions on some sportsbooks or they might work differently on other betting sites. That’s why, we strongly suggest that players learning how to bet on sports that they contact a representative of their customer service department and verify with them the ins and outs of that type of wager before placing it.

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How to Bet Teasers

Once you have mastered the straight bet and the parlay wager, the next thing on the table for you to know how to bet on sports is the “teaser” bet. This type of wager allows the player to combine bets from two games. In some of the best online sportsbooks, these types of wagers allow for them to include up to four bets. In this type of wager you are able to adjust the spread for the games in question. It is commonly used most on basketball and football.

In teasers the bettor is given the option of assigning points on their favor to add or subtract from the games they chose in order to adjust the spread in their favor. Doing this it will affect the odds of the game, allowing for balance to be kept so the player can decide how they would like to risk their advantage.

The rules can change from one sportsbook to another, but the basics state that in teasers, ties are considered no action unless there’s a loser. For example, a tie/loss is ruled as a loss, but a tie/win is considered no action. The same applies for cancellations, a cancellation – loss is a loss, but a cancellation – win is a no action. Like previous types of special wagers covered in our how to bet on sports series, these wagers are not allowed for halftime bets, or 1st half wagers.

Depending on the sportsbook you are playing with, there are two types of teaser bets available. The vast majority of online sports betting sites offer them both. The first kind is called the “Special teaser”(the name varies in different sites, but the mechanics are the same). This type of bet allows you to pick up to five teams. Then, you are awarded points to adjust the spread and have the odds how you’d like them. The standard norm is that you must play a minimum of 11/10 on all teasers. Also, that the limits on amounts wagered can change from one sportsbook to the next. We advise that if are learning how to bet on sports, that you read the rules on the sportsbook’s website or contact customer service to get further clarification.

The other type of teaser is called the “Vegas teaser”, this wager is similar to a multi-team parlay. In this case the bettor has less points to use from but they are allowed to select more teams. Like the “Special Teaser”, it is recommended that the player first contact the sportsbook directly and get the rules from the site themselves before trying to set up one of these wagers. Also, it is important to know if you are learning how to bet on sports, that by adjusting the point spread you are playing with the odds, depending on how you adjust the points given, you might be risking more money that from what you would be getting. Teasers are fun bets to play if you know how to do it right, but it is important that before you play them you get all the information correct first.

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