2018 Houston Texans NFL Betting Odds and Schedule

Houston Texans Season Odds and Expert Predictions

The Texans’ recent quarterback turmoil has hurt their odds at betting sites for NFL. First, there was the whole failed Brock Osweiler experiment. As a result of that, Osweiler was temporarily banished to the wasteland that is Cleveland. Then, just when rookie sensation Deshaun Watson was tearing through the pea patch, he was injured. Watson […]


France vs. Croatia World Cup Final Odds and Betting Analysis

France vs. Croatia World Cup Final betting Odds, expert betting tips and analysis

There can be only one. And according to the top sportsbooks online, France shall be the one. In the end, there can be only one. Like in Highlander. Which won an Academy Award. For best picture ever made. Will France and Croatia live up to the lofty standards set by Connor MacLeod of the Clan […]


2018 Atlanta Falcons NFL Betting Odds and Schedule

Atlanta Falcons to Win the super Bowl LI - Analysis

The best NFL gambling sites aren’t as keen on the Atlanta Falcons as they were not too long ago. The truth is, though, that the Falcons would have to make history to even make it to the Super Bowl. They would become only the first team to play the Super Bowl in their home stadium. […]


Croatia vs. England Latest Odds and Picks (World Cup 2018)

Croatia vs. England World Cup Semi-Finals Odds and Betting Predictions

The best offshore gambling sites don’t have it easy picking a favorite between Croatia and England. The two national football teams will meet in the semifinals of the 2018 World Cup. One will move on to the big one. The other will have to resign themselves to the shameful third-place playoff. Third place is so […]


2018 Minnesota Vikings NFL Betting Odds and Schedule

Minnesota Vikings NFL Season Betting Lines, Schedule and expert analysis

The Vikings are, according to sites for betting in the NFL, poised to match and surpass their deep 2017 run. The Vikes have their work cut out for them. First, they posted their best regular season record since 1998. Second, they secured a first-round bye for the first time since 2009. Third, Minnesota became the […]