Best Online Sportsbooks Payouts for U.S. Players

Fastest sportsbooks for payouts in the United States

Let’s get real and all acknowledge that while it is all fun and games, the best part of sports betting online is cashing out your winnings. Before you go off making it rain in the club, take a moment and read up on the best online sportsbook payouts so you can get your money faster, hassle-free. After much extensive review of several sites on the web, we present to you the best four payout systems available to you.

Best Sportsbooks for Payouts in the United States:

GTbets: Their payouts department is effective and virtually hassle-free. They take payout requests 24/7, but the payouts themselves are processed Monday to Friday from 10am to 4pm (EST). They offer QuickCash, DirectCash, Back2Card, bank wire and check by courier. By far the most popular option is Back2Card due to how convenient (with a minimal processing fee of 1.5%) and how quick it is (72 hours), but your two initial payouts must be done through bank wire as company policy. The other options, DirectCash and QuickCash are also pretty quick but they have a processing fee of 8%. Checks and Back wires have the highest fees of $60 and $49.

TopBet: The key to being considered one of the best online sportsbooks on the web is not only based on how many cash out options that you have on your system, it is also a matter of how efficiently you get the money out to your customers. This is the case of TopBet. Currently they are only offering two options, paper checks and Western Union’s “Rapid transfers”. While this might be looked upon as a major disadvantage, TopBet is one of the most efficient payout sportsbooks available, and while there might not be plenty of options, you can be sure that your money will be coming your way. Their checks arrive within 8 to 12 days (which is pretty standard in this industry) and the Western Union option is done within a couple of days.

BetOnline: Similar to TopBet, BetOnline presents three different options for payouts on their service, but they make the most of it from these options as they try to be as effective as possible on all three. They offer Western Union, Paper checks through the mail and bank transfers. While the check through the mail is effective, it can take several weeks to arrive, Western Union and Bank transfers are done within days. Other online sportsbooks reviews have stated that they were very pleased on the quickness the payouts were processed. In our case we can attest that they were quick and efficient.

Bovada: Who would have thunk it? Back when they were known as Bodog, one of the major gripes that many of the customers had against the company was how painful it was the whole process of requesting a payout. Now, under the name of Bovada, the company really did a thorough improvement of the whole ordeal making it much easier and better. They offer the standard options of check through the mail and electronic transfer. They offer bank transfer, western union. Usually when cashing out, the request gets processed quickly and the whole process can be done in a couple of days.

Finally, on a general note, regardless if you are playing on the best online sportsbooks, there is a science to cashing out. Usually these sites get bombarded with cash out requests after the end of any major sporting event that creates a backlog of requests that will slow them down. Our pro tip to payouts is, always wait a week or two before making the request if you want to process to be done quicker.