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Arkansas Betting Sites

Top Ranked Arkansas Sportsbooks

Sports betting in Arkansas is nowhere near on the same level as Nevada or New Jersey. It is not surprising that this state offers little opportunity for legal betting in Arkansas. As a matter of fact, state law barred Arkansas sports betting sites were, until not long ago. However, that changed in 2018, when the voters approved Issue 4 to make legal Arkansas sports betting sites possible. This plebiscite also allows the state to regulate and issue licenses to casinos that wish to operate within Arkansas borders.

The US Supreme Court overturned the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA). Every state in the US has the power to establish and regulate its own local sports betting industry. That’s just what is going on in Arkansas. In the near future, the state will have legitimate single-game sports betting available. At both of its racing venues, Southland Gaming & Racing (West Memphis, AR) and Oaklawn Racing & Gaming (Hot Springs, AR). Maybe even legal Arkansas sportsbooks.

This page is designed as an educational tool for sports betting in Arkansas. In that capacity, it covers topics such as legal betting in Arkansas. The state’s specific position on Arkansas sports betting sites. And perhaps most essentially, legal Arkansas sports betting sites. Noteworthy are the legal Arkansas sportsbooks reviewed herein. The same that Arkansans can fully trust to provide them with secure, legal betting in Arkansas.

Top Rated Arkansas Sportsbooks

  • BetOnline – Top Sportsbook for Arkansas Residents
  • MyBookie – Exclusive Welcome Bonus for Arkansas Players
  • CashBet – New Sportsbook Accepting Arkansas Bettors
  • XBet – Trusted Sportsbook for Arkansas Residents

Where to Bet On the NFL in Arkansas?

There are two brick and mortar, physical books for sports betting in Arkansas. The first of these Arkansas sports betting sites is in Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort. The second of these legal Arkansas sports betting sites is part of Southland Casino Racing. Arkansas is not a small state. That makes things difficult for bettors who live far away from these legal Arkansas sportsbooks.

This is particularly true because the state did not approve mobile or online betting through any available US sportsbook. However, there are other ways to bet on NFL teams in the state of Arkansas. Many a big sportsbook in USA has been accepting NFL bets from Arkansans for a long time. And it is very easy to join these sportsbooks for US players. Just go to your PC or mobile device. You can easily bet on the New Orleans Saints or the Denver Broncos, or any other team.

Is Sports Betting Legal in Arkansas?

Is online betting USA legal in Arkansas? Yes. Voters approved Issue 4 in November 2018. That authorizes the state to regulate sports betting sites USA and casino venues. Until recently, you couldn’t bet USA. Arkansas was antagonistic to betting in general. The times have now changed.
There will be a limit to alternatives at first. Arkansas doesn’t have a provision for domestic online sports betting.

Thus, you will have to bet on-site at one of the state’s two racing-type locales. Southland Park Gaming & Racing in West Memphis. And Oaklawn Racing & Gaming in Hot Springs. They are the two pilot venues for sports wagering. Voters did approve building two casinos near Little Rock. Gaming applications are approved for both of the aforementioned track venues. Arkansas is a large state, and not every gambler will not be able to get to these two venues. Even when they just want to place a bet or two.

Luckily there are other alternatives for Arkansas sports bettors. In fact, chances for Arkansans to bet on sporting events are ample. What you have to do is to find reputable bookmakers with licenses who operate offshore. That is, beyond the prying eyes and hands of American law. Placing wagers with these bookmakers is safe for Arkansas residents. And that is why so many Arkansas gaming aficionados get what they need online.

Will Arkansans Get into Trouble for Placing Wagers Online?

Maybe now we can address those questions of the legal ramifications of sports betting online. Will Arkansans get into trouble for placing wagers online? The answer to that question is no. They will not. Of course, assuming that they are smart enough to do so through trusty, licensed offshore bookies. The majority of laws that target sports betting actually target unlicensed bookies. Therefore, there are no real legal repercussions for Arkansas bettors.

So long as you are not an unlicensed bookmaker operating within Arkansas. You are free to bet on anything you want with offshore sports betting sites. In the interest of avoiding problems either with the law or with shady bookies. We recommend you place bets with legit, offshore betting sites.