Popular and Profitable Super Bowl Props to Bet Online

Popular and Profitable Super Bowl Props
  • by Andrew Scofield
  • January 23rd, 2018
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There are hundreds of Super Bowl props available at the best sportsbooks online for the Super Bowl 51 between the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots on Sunday. Some of these props like who will score the first touchdown of the game and who will win the MVP will be popular, while others like whether or not New England punter Ryan Allen will have a touchback should be profitable. Let’s look at popular and profitable Super Bowl props at betting sites.

Popular Super Bowl Props

Two of the most popular Super Bowl props every year are the ones on a player to score the first TD of the game and the one on who will win the MVP. Tom Brady is the favorite at the sportsbooks online to win the MVP award with Matt Ryan the second choice while LeGarrette Blount and Devonta Freeman are the top two choices to score the first TD of the game.

Whether or not the game will go into overtime is always a popular prop as bettors continually bet the “Yes” year after year only to get disappointed as no Super Bowl in history has ever gone into overtime. Bettors also like to bet on whether or not there will be a safety and for three straight years they were rewarded as from 2012-2015 there was a safety but last year there was no safety in Super Bowl 50.

Wagering on the two quarterbacks is always possible so the props on Tom Brady and Matt Ryan will see a lot of action. The yardage and number of touchdown passes for each quarterback will be popular Super Bowl props.

Another popular Super Bowl prop every year is whether or not there will be a successful 2-point conversion in the game. The “Yes” is listed at +175. The longest field goal in the game is another popular prop and this year the total is 47.5 yards.

Profitable Super Bowl Props

There is a definitely difference between the popular props and the profitable ones. It is tough to find value on the MVP prop with Brady listed at odds-on and Ryan listed at low odds. There is also very little value on the first TD prop as there are simply too many players to choose from.

The value can be found if you do a little digging into the numbers. For example, one of the U.S betting sites has the prop of whether or not New England punter Ryan Allen will have a touchback on one of his punts. The “No” is listed at -250. That prop has great value as Allen only had 5 punts this year that were touchbacks in 57 tries. The odds should be listed at about -1000 yet they are listed at just -250 so taking the “No” is a good bet.

You might not think betting on the color of the Gatorade is a good wager but consider that the last time the Patriots won the Super Bowl two years ago the color of the Gatorade poured on Belichick was blue. You can get blue at odds of 7-1 at the best betting websites like TopBet Sportsbook.

Super Bowl props are very popular every year and if you do some research they can also be profitable.