Betting on Super Bowl: Odds, Spreads and Prop Bets Explained

Super Bowl Sports Betting Odds, Point Spread and Prop Bets Explanation
  • by Andrew Scofield
  • January 26th, 2020
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If you clicked on this article, chances are you are new to the world of betting online and you want to learn sports betting and how the mechanics work. Yes, there are many fancy terms and numbers that might seem confusing and overwhelming to most, but fear not. Once you get a grip on those things, you will be ready to start betting on any of the best sportsbooks online.

The very first thing that you must know is that for every single sporting event or competition of any nature there are the favourites to win and the underdogs. In terms of sports betting this is fundamental when coming to understand what the odds are. With that being said, here we present a quick run down of the different basic terms and concepts you need to know if you wish to learn sports betting for Super Bowl.

To learn sports betting you will need to understand what the point spread is. It is the difference by points that you give or take when laying a wager. Let’s use Super Bowl 50 as an example. Currently the line for the game holds Carolina as favorites by -6, that means that for 0wager purposes” the Broncos have a 6 point advantage at the start of the game. If you bet the Panthers and the beat Denver for more than 6 points you will win that bet, but if the Panthers win by a lower margin, therefore they failed to cover the point spread and you will lose the bet. If they beat the Broncos by 6 points, the bet will be considered a push and there will be no action, you will get your money back, but no winnings. Also, keep in mind that the spread, or line, can change at any point before kickoff. However your wager will keep the spread that was posted at the time of your wager.

The odds in top online sportsbooks work as follow, and you have probably heard of this before, are the probabilities of the outcome of a game. For starters there’s the “Money Line”, it’s a line for wagers for the outcome of a game without considering the variables of the event. In Super Bowl 50 the Panthers have a money line of -255; that means that you will need to be $255 for every $100 you would like to win. The Broncos are the underdogs and their line reads 215, that means that if you bet $100 and they win, you will get $215. The over/under of the game is a wager that bets on the total amount of points scored in the game by both teams regardless of the outcome of the game.

Finally you will notice that most of the top sportsbooks online have a wide variety of “prop bets”. These are lines and wagers that involve only certain key occurrences during the game, and in some cases before and after. In a game such as the Super Bowl, you would be able to find that almost anything that happens around and within the game can be wagered on. For example there are wagers on who will win the coin toss, the amount of sacks the Denver Defense will produce, how many dabs will Cam Newton do and if Peyton Manning will retire. Those who just learn sports betting should keep in mind that these wager dare to be looked as for fun and to add a little extra spice to your Super Bowl Sunday. The odds for these sort of wagers always read the same as a money line.

If you are still unclear about the concept of betting online, don’t despair even the highest of rollers had to learn sports betting at some point. If you have a question regarding a line or a type of wager. Call the customer service of your Sportsbook, they have experts on the phone too.