What to expect and Where to Bet on Super Bowl 50

The countdown to Super Bowl 50 is approaching crunch time and betting online reviews are gearing up for the large influx of players who are eager to lay their bets on the big game. This weekend promises to have no short supply of excitement and different storylines to follow during and after the game. Here is a quick rundown of what you can expect as a betting enthusiast and sports betting fan.

The spread will fall on the 7 point region

The line for Super Bowl 50, as posted by the top betting sites has shifted since it was posted at first. The average line was -3.5 for the Panthers, then during this pay weekend the line jumped to a -6, most likely after the big influx of bettors in the first week. Now the line is on an average -5.5 on the majority of online Sportsbooks. From here up until kickoff you can be sure that player laying bets in the days and hours to the game will create a trend that will force the line to change. Most likely it will fall around the 7 point range.

Expect a low scoring first half

The battle between the Denver defense and Carolina’s offense will be a battle of will most definitely. We have seen what the Bronco’s defense was able to do to the Patriots. So, betting online reviews anticipate that the Bronco’s will try to neutralize the Panthers from very early on. On the other hand, Carolina will want to not go all out on offense from very early on, because they have been known to do so through out the season. They will very likely try to pace themselves and save their energy for the second half. So expect a low scoring first half, with even the Broncos leading by 3 or 4 points.

Carolina will cover the spread

One thing is for sure, Carolina will not deviate to much from what has worked for them all season. Denver could put up a decent and courageous fight, but the Panthers have enough offensive power to make a mark from early on. The point spread will very likely end up being 7 points on most of the top sportsbooks online, the reason being is that the Panthers are such strong favorites because they can overpower and score from all positions. They will want to emphatically win this game.

Where to bet on Super Bowl 50

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