Analyzing Why the Carolina Panthers can win the Super Bowl

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It’s the final days leading to the Super Bowl and it is time to cut the BS and get real, if you are going to bet on online sportsbooks, even more so. Currently average the line on the Super Bowl, on most of the best sportsbooks online has shifted for the favorite Carolina Panthers from a -4.5 to a -6, making them as strong favorites to beat the Denver Broncos. Why are the experts so inclined to make the Panthers the overall strong favorites to win this game? Are they going to win?

Yes, the most likely scenario is that the Carolina Panthers are going to win Super Bowl 50, and the reason the line shifted that largely is because the large influx of initial wagers placed on the Panthers, and the growing trend of users of all sorts to bet on them to win the game. All comes down to their offensive weaponry, and Cam Newton. The current MVP will close out a fantastic season and enter his name in the history books if he manages to cap off a fantastic season with the best possible cherry on top, a Super Bowl ring.

The arsenal that the Carolina Panthers have in their favor is not just limited to the work of one man. The media might surround Cam for his natural charisma and swagger, but overall their team is made from talented players that have been playing together for a while. The Panthers have been good on all their lines for a while now. Their offensive linesmen are the unsung heroes, as they have been extremely efficient on protecting their star player and providing him an opportunity to shine. If they do a good job, the Panthers will definitely have a huge advantage and surefire favorites for online sportsbooks.

Carolina’s to do list for Super Bowl Sunday is simple: Control Manning, Don’t Get complacent on defense, Protect Cam at all costs, score as many times as possible. If they manage to do 3 out of those four things they are going to have an edge. Specifically if they find a way to overcome the monstrous Denver Defense. Come Sunday they will have to be firing at all cylinders and keep the momentum of their offense going. This game might not be a blow out, as they might not cover, but online sportsbooks bettors will continue to bet on the Panthers because they are most likely going to win.