Early Odds and Predictions for Super Bowl 50

  • by Andrew Scofield
  • January 28th, 2016
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For all you early birds looking to catch that first juicy early worm (ew, gross, I know), the initial line that was posted by top sports betting sites seemed to be very attractive. There are reports of many players already jumping the proverbial gun and placed outrageous and reckless wagers already. To those poor souls we say: god bless you and best of luck. But those more cautious will want to make a more educated move when it comes to making a bet on Super Bowl 50 with the initial line of -4.5 in favor of the Panthers that has been floating around since last Sunday night after the Conference Championship games ended. For those wanting a very early prediction on the outcome of the big game, we have a quick run down of how this game will turn out.

At lot of people might be dazzled by the Panther’s season. Offensively, they have been amazing no doubt about it. Cam Newton deserves that MVP award, he has been ballin’ all season long and torching defensive units left and right… However, the chances for them torching the Denver Boncos’ D might not be as big as many would think. The Broncos’ defense is a tight unit that is effective on both covering passing and rushing offenses, their trial by fire was their AFC Championship game against two of the most prodigious minds in the NFL when facing the New England Patriots. If they managed to survive Belichick’s strategy and contain Brady’s arm, that should be enough of a vote of confidence that this defense is for real.

Sports Betting Sites initially placed the line at -4.5 to tempt player to thin that there could be a possible blowout but Carolina. It will be an unlikely scenario, but not impossible though. While the Bronco’s are definitely the underdogs in this escenario, they have the talent to stop the Panthers from running away with the game from early on. This can create enough possibilities for Peyton Manning and C.J. Anderson to try to get some number on the board. Carolina’s defense is not as fierce and relentless as their Super Bowl rivals, but they are no slouches either. Throughout the season they managed to keep almost all of their opponents at bay and provide the Offense enough room to manoeuvre. Come Super Bowl Sunday they will have to deal with a seasoned veteran QB, and a great Running back, that will demand they are on their toes the whole game.

The Broncos could have a shot of testing the Panther’s defense, as they had shown some performances that they can let a controlled game get out of their hands. In other words, we might have a slugfest in our hands.

When it comes down to it, sports betting sites posted the early line hoping to get more players to bet on a possible blow out. The -4.5 line does create the opportunity to make big bucks. However, the latent possibility of this game being very close is also there. After all, the Broncos have made it to the Super Bowl recently and have enough experience on the field to pull out a World Championship performance. Yet, we can’t overlook the fact that Cam Newton is that damn good. In the end he will manage to win the game for the Panthers… but just barely. This game will finish, perhaps, with a 3 point margin. Final score Panthers win 27-24.