Broncos vs. Patriots Odds & Highlights – NFL Playoffs

AFC Championship Game Denver Broncos vs. New England Patriots OddsAs top sports betting sites gear up for the AFC championship game, the story here is that this could very well be the final chapter in the on the field rivalry between Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. Patriots and Broncos will square off this coming Sunday at Mile High Stadium in Denver once more, and the best sport betting sites are putting the visiting New England Patriots as the -3 favorites on this occasion. Line makers are leaning towards New England’s powerful offense instead on Denver’s strong defense. We are in for a tough contested, hard hitting, thrilling match up of two AFC powerhouses, but the question on everyone’s mind is: who will take the W?

The day after the Broncos beat Pittsburgh, you could hear on sports shows, and read on the sport columns that Denver has the formula to stop the Patriots this coming Sunday. They have an experienced QB that is playing at a good level, the have a relentless and powerful defensive unit, and they will be playing at home. In short they have a lot going for them. Yet, top sports betting sites are not considering them as favorites to beat New England. The reason behind this is very simple: Tom Brady.

TB12, love him or hate him, you have to acknowledge that he is the heart and soul of the Patriots, and as he approaches the final seasons of his illustrious career, he still is able to throw the football and give his team a much needed edge against any opponent. Even though the Pats had a couple of slips here and there during the regular season, during the playoffs is when Bill Belichick and his boys play the best. US friendly Sportsbooks hold them as overall favorites to win the Super Bowl still, but this time around they face once more a challenge that is very familiar to them, a man whose last name has given New England fans a lot of grief: Peyton Manning.

What top sports betting sites are anticipating is a final strong performance from Brady to settle the score in his rivalry versus Peyton Manning. But this game is so much bigger than that. There is one factor that for the purposes of making a pick for this game must be considered: New England will have a very difficult time trying to stop Denver’s ground attack. While the Broncos have what it takes to neutralize the Patriots attacks, the Patriots are not as strong. This is where the game will be decided, not by Brady, not by Manning. It will be a tough game and a very close one, but we have to give the edge to the home team. Both these teams will cover, but in the end Denver is going to win 28-24.