Online Sportsbook Rebound After Game of Thrones Leak

  • by Anthony Carpenter
  • August 21st, 2017
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With the start of the online NFL betting season around the corner, online sportsbook players have plenty to look forward to in the coming months. However, there is another season that is coming to an epic conclusion, giving betting fans the perfect reason to take a dare on one of the nation’s most popular TV series. That would be Game of Thrones Season 7 of course.

The timing is impeccable. August is notorious for being devout of being sporting, or betting, events. And other than the MLB and MLS, there really isn’t much for USA sportsbook fans to get excited about. Granted, one of the biggest sporting events of the century is going down this August, so maybe this year’s month is an exception. Interestingly enough, one could argue that this year’s Game of Thrones finale might have a bigger audience than even the McGregor vs. Mayweather mega-bout.

Even before season 7 kicked off, the best online sportsbook review sites were hyping up betting lines for who would die in this year’s season as well as which character would be the first to kick the bucket. There were some extremely alluring lines, giving online betting fans enough enticement to test their luck on a series that is notoriously known for killing its central characters.

Without a doubt that is the central theme of the show and it’s what makes betting on entertainment equally as appealing. Like in most sporting events, bettors know someone’s going to come out on top – or sit on the Iron Throne mind you. But, George RR Martin’s unquenchable desire to kill his most beloved characters is what makes betting on Game of Thrones worthwhile.

Naturally, since we’ve already gone through 5 of the season’s 7 episodes, most of the lines available on season 7 of Game of Thrones have already been concluded. Some mysteries and plot twists have been revealed, but there’s still more left in store for fans, especially when it comes to the best sportsbook bonus available on GoT’s action.

Before the season began this past July, most online sportsbooks where offering action on who would be first character to die in season 7 and who would be sitting on the Iron Throne once the season concluded. However, some spoiler-hungry hackers quickly put an end to those betting lines.

HBO suffered a cyber-attack in late July that led to the script of the fourth episode, ‘The Spoils of War’, being leaked online. Subsequently, the fifth episode was also leaked online in the coming days. This obviously forced the hand of online bookmakers, forcing them to withdraw most betting lines.

But all is not lost. Game of Thrones fans can still vote on who will be the outright winner of the show. Since this is the penultimate season, fans can wager on who will be sitting on the Iron Throne once it’s all said and done. Online wagering fans can check out the current odds at Bovada sportsbook below.

Jon Snow 5/2

Daenerys Targaryen 4

Cersei Lannister 8

Any Child of Jon Snow 10

Other 10