Should US Sportsbook Players Bet on McGregor?

Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather Preditions
  • by Andrew Scofield
  • August 10th, 2017
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One of the biggest US sportsbook events of the year is right around the corner. The world has been waiting for a longtime for an event of the magnitude of the Mayweather vs. McGregor mega-bout. And now, with the event just weeks away, the hype is building to unparalleled heights. As we draw nearer to the fight, it’s clear there’s a line being drawn in the sand.

On one side we have the die-hard boxing aficionados, who believe that boxing is a sweet science that cannot be tackled by someone as new to boxing as McGregor. On the other side are the UFC betting fans, who have watched McGregor back up outlandish claims time and time again. What makes this claim – to be able to beat the best defensive boxer of all time, so out of the question?

To tackle this question, we must first analyze the differences between an MMA fight and a boxing match. In the cruel world of MMA, fighters cannot afford to be one-dimensional. A great MMA fighter must have a good stand-up game, be able to defend against a take down, and must know how to grapple if the fight gets on the ground.

The striking demands of an MMA fighter are also much more dynamic. The inclusion of kicks, elbows and knees means that MMA fighters must contend against an array of blows that boxers never see. A rising knee can drop any fighter, and it’s dynamism in the striking game that forces MMA fighters to have a spectrum of drills in training. For boxing, the opposite is true.

What makes boxing alluring for players who place sportsbook bets, is how reducing the fight game to just punches gives way to a much higher level of competition. Instead of having to train in all aspects of the fight game, like MMA fighters have to, boxers only need to focus on their standup.

This ‘closed-off’ mentality is what has allowed boxing to reach such talented levels. Professional boxers spend years learning the proper footwork, the right form, and the best possible way to land a punch in order to make their boxing as good as possible.

All a boxer has to do is land as much damage as possible, while dodging your opponent’s blows. Taking out kicks, elbows, knees and takedowns gives fighters more room to focus strictly on striking. Because of this, the majority of offshore sportsbooks would agree wholeheartedly with the notion that boxers are better strikers than MMA fighters.

This is not because of some mystical, existential reason but rather because boxers dedicate their whole lives to striking, whereas MMA fighters devote their entire lives to all aspects of the fight game.

It is this very reason that leads the boxing community to believe that McGregor is devastatingly outmatched. This is what leads someone like Max Kellerman, one of the most recognizable boxing analysts in the world, to say something as absurd as ‘McGregor won’t even land a single punch.”

Anyone who has watched McGregor’s striking knows that he’ll be able to land a punch. The question is whether or not it will be a meaningful punch.

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