Where QB Tony Romo will go for the 2017-18 NFL Season?

Where QB Tony Romo will go for the 2017-18 NFL season? Nobody knows but sportsbooks can guess
  • by Matt Stevens
  • February 26th, 2017
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USA Sportsbooks are offering odds on whither QB Tony Romo will go for the 2017-18 NFL season. At 36 years of age and with a tendency to suffer injuries Romo’s status as Dak Prescott’s backup would be all but confirmed were to stay with the Dallas Cowboys – where he has played the entirety of his professional career. Age and brittleness aside, Romo could still be a starter in many other NFL teams. And here are a few of those teams.

Houston Texans. Romo could certainly boost the Texans’ postseason chances – and vice versa (Romo’s playoff track record isn’t particularly stellar). Unfortunately, Houston is pretty much stuck with Brock Osweiler, whom they owe $16 million in guaranteed money regardless of whether or not he plays, so it’s not like there would be a lot of cap space to accommodate Romo. Not to mention that the Texans’ offensive line might not be ready to protect such a valuable asset. In fact they might want to start with an egg baby.

Chicago Bears. Whether the Bears trade or release Jay Cutler – and those seem to be about the only two plans they have for him – a spot under center is bound to become available and Romo could fill the vacancy just as well if not better than anyone else. Unlike Denver, Chicago can offer a QB a protective O line as well a receptive receiving corps, but while Romo might be traded to the Bears, word is he wouldn’t willingly go there.

Denver Broncos. The favorite Romo destination according to USA sportsbooks. The 2015 Super Bowl champions lost Peyton Manning to retirement and Brock Osweiler to spitefulness, and while second year QB Trevor Siemian posted a better touchdown-to-interception ratio and passer rating than the Manning-Osweiler tandem did in 2015, the Broncos nonetheless became the first reigning champion to miss the postseason since 2013.

Dallas Cowboys. There is of course always the possibility that Romo remains with the Cowboys – either to directly compete with Prescott for the starting position, as a deluxe backup, and/or retire as a local institution and possibly transition into a backstage role. Then again the Cowboys might want to part with him somewhere before the trade deadline, clear cap space, pull off a blockbuster trade, while still maintaining a friendly, healthy relationship with each other in the future – the opposite of Charles Oakley and the Knicks.

The Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills. These two teams would be in a similar position; Romo would be an upgrade over both of their current starting QBs – which both teams would have to part with; reluctantly in the case of the Chiefs and Alex Smith, and probably not so much in the case of the Bills and Tyrod Taylor. The dilemma in either case is that you’re bringing in a new Plan A but you’re left with no Plan B. and when it comes to Romo it’s better to have a Plan B and not need it than need it and not have it. That makes both of these teams long shots as far as best sportsbooks are concerned.