Sportsbook News & Odds for Los Angeles Rams vs. Tennessee Titans

Los Angeles Rams vs. Tennessee Titans Sportsbook Odds, stats and game analysis

Another week of thrilling NFL betting action is in the bag. Afterwards, offshore sportsbooks for US players are busy preparing the lines and odds for Week 16’s lineup. This weekend will represent the 2017 season’s penultimate week of action since the season will conclude in half a month. With that in mind, bettors should need no reason to bet on this weekend’s matchup between the Los Angeles Rams and the Tennessee Titans. The Titans are riding a 2-game losing streak while the Rams are coming off a massive 42-7 win over the Seattle Seahawks. What kind of turnout will sports gambling betting sites predict for this weekend’ sinter-conference matchup?

Betting Los Angeles

The Rams bolt into this Sunday’s pairing flashing a 10-4 record that ranks Los Angeles 1st in the NFC West. Surprisingly, the Rams haven’t clinched the NFC West yet. However, with the way the division currently looks, it’s more than probable that the Rams will win the division this season. The biggest threat the Rams currently have to that goal are the Seahawks, you know the team they just beat this past weekend. The Seahawks could theoretically win the division, but they would need Los Angeles to suffer a couple losses in the coming weeks. Considering that the Rams are facing the meager Titans this Sunday, it’s safe to say that the NFC West will belong to the Rams this time next week.

The latest sportsbook news making its rounds on the web indicates that the Rams have a distinctive advantage this weekend. The Rams are averaging 31.3 offensively; 10 points more than the 21.1 points the Titans are scoring. Defensively the Rams takeaway the advantage as well. Los Angeles gives up 19.4 while Tennessee gives up 22.8.

Betting Tennessee

The Titans come into this Week 16 pairing flashing an 8-6 record that ranks Tennessee 2nd in the AFC South. Tennessee has had an up and down season, with inconsistency being their biggest setback. The Titans have lost the last two games consecutively; a 12-7 loss to the Arizona Cardinals followed by a 25-23 loss to the San Francisco 49ers. With this in mind, it’s easy to understand why the latest sportsbook news is predicting a loss for the Titans this weekend. However, the spread line is predicting a contentious matchup since the Rams are favored by 6 ½ points. There’s no question that this line has opened the door for players who like to bet on the spread to come in and make some huge winnings.

Specifically, the Titans have a disappointing 6-7-1 record against the spread this season. On the other hand, the Rams have a brilliant 9-5 record against the road, which includes a 5-2 against the spread record on the road. Since Los Angeles is a better team overall, it makes perfect sense to take them on the spread. There’s no doubt that the Rams will win this matchup, which has led most sportsbooks to peg them around -350 odds. Betting the spread on this pairing allows bettors to take home a much bigger payout since the line is set at around -115 for a bet on the Rams to cover the spread.

Sportsbook News & Betting Lines:

Los Angeles Rams -6 ½ (-115)         48 ½ (-110)

Tennessee Titans +6 ½ (-105)         48 ½ (-110)