NFL Betting Guide: Learn How to Bet on the NFL by Experts

Complete NFL Betting Guide: Learn How to Bet on the NFL

With the start of the 2017 online NFL betting season, US sportsbook players are racing to find where to place bets online. Instrumental to finding the best sportsbook online is knowing exactly which type of betting line you are looking for. Below you can find a comprehensive list detailing the most popular NFL betting lines to fulfill your weekly football wagering.

NFL Spread Betting

By far the most popular line among NFL wagering fans, NFL spread betting allows players to take calculated risks that have more wiggle room than choosing a given team straight up. NFL spread lines will look like this:

Green Bay Packers –3 (-115)

Seattle Seahawks +3 (-110)

In the above listed lines, offshore sportsbooks are listing the Packers as favorites over the Seahawks with a 3-point favoritism on the spread line. This means that bookmakers believe Green Bay will be winning this contest by a minimum of three points.

This is where the term ‘covering the spread’ arises. If the Pack wins by three or more points then they have successfully covered the spread, and if you had put money on them you would be cashing in a winning wager.

Alternatively, if the Pack loses or wins by less than three points, then it follows that they would have failed to cover the spread. If you were betting on Seattle, this would be your ideal scenario.

It’s also important to mention the payout, or the numbers listed next to the spread. The Hawks are listed at -110, so you would have to bet $110 on Seattle in order to earn $100 on a winning bet. Comparatively, you would have to wager $115 on the Packers in order to earn the same amount. Oftentimes there will be slight deviations between teams on the same line, which caused by bettors favoring one team over another.

NFL Money Line Betting

This is the easiest US sportsbook line to understand. Simply enough, picking a team on the money line means that you are predicting that team will win that given contest. Money lines often look like this:

New England Patriots -180

Kansas City Chiefs +200

Here, the Patriots are listed as favorites over the Chiefs. If you agree with NFL betting sites, then you would have to wager $180 to win $100 on your bet. On the flip side, a $100 bet on Kansas City would yield $200 in winnings – since they are listed as the underdog.

NFL Over/Under Betting

Like NFL spread betting, wagering on totals or under lines give NFL betting fans a little bit of wiggle room in their bets. Take a look at a common totals line before we break down how to bet on it.

New York Giants O 35 ½ (-110)

Dallas Cowboys U 35 ½ (-110)

In this line, US sportsbooks aren’t picking either to win the game. But that’s because the totals line, or over/under lines, have nothing to do with who actually wins the game. Instead, they focus entirely on how many points will be score in the game.

In this example, the online sportsbook odds are asking whether there will be more than 35 ½ points scored in the game or less than.

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