Raiders vs. Giants Odds with Eli Manning on the Bench

Eli Manning Passing interceptions Lead 2017
  • by Matt Stevens
  • November 29th, 2017
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Week 13 of the 2017 NFL betting season will be held this weekend. We’re inching nearer to the end of the regular season and before US sportsbook players know, the playoffs will be upon us as well. There are still 4 weeks of action to get through, but a month might not be enough to fill the most diehard fans’ needs. To help accommodate, players should follow this sports betting tips and place as many sportsbook predictions on this weekend’s action as humanly possible. But there’s no need to complicate things by wagering on tough matchup Instead, bettors should bet on a very easy to predict matchup like the pairing between the Oakland Raiders and the now Eli Manning-less New York Giants.

Betting Oakland

The Oakland Raiders march into this Sunday’s US sportsbook contest sporting a 5-6 record that ranks them 3rd in the division behind the 5-6 Los Angeles Chargers and 6-5 Kansas City Chiefs. The Chargers picked up an early season win over the Raiders so they get the edge in the tie breaker. While things might have looked bleak for the Raiders early on in the season, the Chiefs’ recent struggles have opened the door for an Oakland Raider resurgence. The Raiders haven’t necessarily capitalized on the situation however as they’re 2-2 in their last 4 games. While Oakland picked up a 21-14 win over their division rivals: the Denver Broncos, this past weekend, the biggest story to come out of that matchup was not how well the Raiders played but how well their players got into a fist fight. Oakland is pegged as a slight betting favorite ahead of this weekend’s action which is not surprising. Considering that the Giants have decided to bench Manning, betting Oakland is the only way to go on this one.

Betting New York

The Giants crawl into this Week 13 contest sporting a weak 2-9 record that ranks them dead last in the NFC East. New York has been plagued by problems all season long that stemmed back to last year’s playoffs when OBJ decided to take himself and the Giants’ wideouts on a little excursion down to Florida. The NFL betting media was highly critical of Beckham’s decision and they were right; the decision cost the New York Giants that game and ultimately a shot at a Super Bowl. Fast forward to this year’s season and it’s clear that New York is still not quite over this issue. The Giants, who finished last year’s regular season with an 11-5 record, kicked off the 2017 season by going 0-5. Then OBJ went down with injury alongside a plethora of key players.

Injuries are almost unavoidable in the NFL. But it’s important for fans, and even more important for coaches, to recognize how big of a role injuries are playing in a team’s success or lack thereof. This is the situation Manning, a two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback, was placed in. Manning has lost his star receivers, doesn’t have much of a running game behind him and the offensive line has been playing poor all season long. How Ben McAdoo thinks that placing someone as unproven as Geno Smith in this situation will magically give him better results is asinine. Most NFL betting guides have advised bettors to wage against New York this season and this has never been truer than it is in Week 13.

US Sportsbook Betting Lines & Odds

Oakland Raiders -7 (-106)   42 ½ (-110)

New York Giants +7 (-114)  42 ½ (-110)