Odds are in Favor of the Ravens vs. Packers on NFL Week 11

NFL Odds and Preview Baltimore Ravens vs. Green Bay Packers
  • by Anthony Carpenter
  • November 14th, 2017
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One of the biggest online NFL betting surprises from last weekend’s action came from the Green Bay Packers, the team to suffer the biggest injury on the year. A few weeks back, the Pack lost Aaron Rodgers, leading most US online sportsbook players to believe that the team’s season was doomed. That much hasn’t changed, but Green Bay was still able to shock us all this past weekend when they picked up a 23-16 upset win over their NFC North rivals, the Chicago Bears. In defeating the Bears, the Packers proved that they can edge out a victory with Brett Hundley under center – something we hadn’t seen at all. But now that the Packers are set to face the Ravens this weekend, the question will be whether or not they can defend Lambeau Field against the encroaching ravens. Let’s take a look at what kind of sportsbook bets players can place on this Week 11 matchup.

Betting Baltimore

The Ravens fly into this Week 11 pairing with a 4-5 record that ranks them 2nd in the AFC North behind the 7-2 Steelers. Baltimore has been having an abysmal season by all standards of the word, the third consecutive year that the Ravens have failed up to the Super Bowl standard they set for themselves back in 2012. With their current record, the Ravens are very much out of the race in the division and aren’t close in the Wild Card race either. Baltimore is coming off a 23-20 loss to the Titans on the road.

The biggest thing holding back the Ravens in 2017 is a mediocre offense, led by a weak passing attack, and a poor run defense. Baltimore has the league’s 18th best scoring offense but their total offense ranks 30th in the league. Furthermore, the Ravens can’t seem to get anything going through the air as their passing attack is the worst in the league. Considering that Jay Cutler is still a starting quarterback, there is absolutely no reason for your passing offense to be dead last in the NFL. Obviously Joe Flacco has to do some introspection as he has 8 touchdowns to 10 interceptions to his name as well as 1,551 yards and a 72.7 passer rating. Despite having such poor passing numbers, the US online sportsbook betting lines are still siding with a struggling Flacco over an unseasoned Hundley.

Betting Green Bay

At 5-4, the Packers are not giving up hopes of winning the NFC North, or at the very least making the playoffs. A few years back we saw a back up step in and solidify the Denver Broncos’ playoff, and ultimately Super Bowl, standing. Could we see the same from Green Bay? Probably not considering the vast differences in both those teams’ defenses. Nevertheless, fresh off an upset win over the Bears, Green Bay is coming into this game both revitalized and ready to compete.

Looking over the matchups, the Packers might be able to get the job done this Sunday. Green Bay has found modest success on the ground this season, as they have the league’s 19th best running game. That’s not that great, but against the NFL’s 28th worst run defense, it might just be enough to pull out a win.

US Online Sportsbook Betting Lines:

Baltimore Ravens -2 (-110)  37 ½ (-115)

Green Bay Packers +2 (-110)          37 ½ (-105)