March Madness: Can Michigan State Win the Tournament?

Among the overall favorites on many of the best sportsbooks online, Michigan State coached by Tom Izzo is a great prospect to take the national tittle this year. The Spartans have created a talented team, that is being superbly coached and they have a bonafied superstar in the making in Denzel Valentine. There has been a lot of talk for Michigan State this year , and Velantine’s contribution has been enough to catch a buzz from top sportsbook pundits as a team to watch, but the question still remains if they are bound to win their first National Championship in 16 years.

Entering the tournament, the majority of the best sportsbooks online hold Kansas as the favorite to win the championship. To be fair, the Jayhawks have an amazing team and have all the necessary weaponry to make it all the way, however these two teams appear to be headed to a clash at the finals of the Final Four. That is if they are not victims of a huge upset during the tournament. The logic behind the claim that the Spartans will top the Jayhawks fall on how Kansas will need to sort out what could be a treacherous road starting somewhere around the Elite Eight, they could face some tough competition that could end p knocking them out. Michigan State, on the other hand appears to have a more accessible road on their way to the Final Four.

The two teams that could potentially put a stop to the run the Spartans might have are Virginia and North Carolina. But according to many College hoops insiders, The Spartans have an edge that the mentioned programs don’t have, and that is a versatility to beat their opponents in different aspects of the game. While Valentine is a player that you will need to take care of, if you neutralize him the Spartans have other ways to beat you, and that’s where you see Coach Izzo’s hand. This team relies a lot on their star player but they know how to handle themselves whenever he is not around.

We mentioned Coach Izzo because he has a talent to make his teams go into fifth gear during the tournament and become serious competitors. In previous seasons, Michigan State had a rive that almost took them to the Final Four, but it appears as this year they have a more talented squad and enough dedication to make it to Houston. Besides Valentine, the Spartans can also rely on Bryn Forbes a sharpshooting guard that provides the Spartans offense with enough diversification to bring it to their opponents from long range. If he gets hot at any point of the game, the Spartans will be very tough to beat.

So, while Kansas could still be very well reaching the finals, the Spartans have that sleeper quality that make them a good prospect and a great team to bet on during March madness. The best sportsbooks online have great odds for you to look into going in the tournament, and as it progresses, you will see how those odds will start to favor them. So our best advise is bet on Michigan State to win it all!