Full March Madness Analysis for 2016

NCAA tourney sportsbooks trends: Seed vs. Seed record

Oh, the Madness of March is finally here and I’ve you are playing on all the action on top sportsbooks and other online betting sites; we’ve got a full analysis of the upcoming tournament. After the teams have been seeded and the brackets have been made it is time to look into the matchups and see who has the chance to make deep runs, and who are those who will make their early exits.

The NCAA Tournament wouldn’t be what it is if it weren’t for the possibility of upsets and bracket busting underdogs that could make shockwaves all around. When looking into the matchups set for the first round, the top seeds are most likely making their way with not so much of a shock there. However further down there are a couple of possible upsets that could happen early on. In the South, Wichita State is one of those teams that could be an upset when they take on Arizona. Be sure to check for their odds on our list of online sportsbooks there as they might be placed as underdogs.

The rest of the southern region will go on with not much of a surprise, but in the late stages Miami has a clear and great shot at upsetting the top seeded Kansas. This could be an X factor when it comes down to who will be on the Final Four.

On the West region, top sportsbooks are not anticipating that much upsets to go around, however in the matchup between Yale and Baylor, you could see some sparks fly, as it could be a potential major upset in the first round if Yale manages to knock off Baylor. Another team that could be a major top sportsbooks upset and bracket buster is Northern Iowa as it has a good chance to beat Texas.

Further on in the West, during the Sweet 16 do not be surprised if you see Saint Joseph’s make a deep run and meet Duke at this stage in the tournament. But when it comes to making it to the Final Four Oklahoma State is the surefire pick as they have enough depth and talent to make it.

Perhaps the most “predictable” region will be the East, mainly because their top seeds have a nice set of talent in both ends of the court and they are pretty strong teams. But, this region will not come with a shortness of upsets as early on top sportsbooks and online betting fans can expect a very intense game between Chattanooga and Indiana. The Hoosiers are at risk of being knocked out very early on. In the end the Tar Heels will prevail and make it to the Final Four.

The Midwest Region is also a fairly predictable region when it comes to the coming matchups for in the early round. Those betting on top sportsbooks and online betting sites need to pay a little bit more attention to the game between UA-Little Rock and Purdue, while Perdue could manage to fend off the threat, UA-Little Rock has a pretty nice shot of pulling a deep threat.

Further along the tournament, Iowa State will beat Virginia managing to pull a big upset and make it to the Elite Eight, where they will face Michigan State. The Spartans will make it to the Final Four after an exciting and hard fought game.

Top Sportsbooks bettors can expect the Final Four to have a Miami team beating Oklahoma for a sport in the national Championship game where they will be facing the Spartans, in a game that promises to be almost an ideal matchup. But in the end the top star in College Basketball is Denzel Valentine, and he will cap off their fantastic season with an MVP performance that will earn Michigan State a National Championship.