Clemson Massive Favorites Against Syracuse at US Sportsbooks

Clemson Tigers vs. Syracuse Orange College Football Betting Preview and Odds

As the week begins, college football betting fans prepare to wager on Week 7 of the 2017 FBS season. There are a multitude of gambling options for online sportsbook players to take advantage of this week, with some games being more predictable than others. But that’s the game of college football betting; some players like to bet on predictable outcomes while others prefer a more dangerous endeavor.

This Friday, the Syracuse Orange will be hosting the Clemson Tigers to deliver one of Week 7’s most predictable matchups. Clemson comes into this matchup as the No. 2 team in the nation, ready to take on the unranked and ailing Orange. Let’s see how big of a blowout US sportsbooks are predicting will go down this Friday.

Betting Clemson

Seeing the Tigers come into this Friday’s contest as the No. 2 team in the nations is a bit of a surprise. Sure, Clemson entered the 2017 US sportsbook season as the reigning national champions. But one of the biggest reasons that the Tigers were able to overcome the Alabama Crimson Tide this past January was thanks to the stellar play they got from their quarterback: Deshaun Watson. But with Watson now taking snaps for the Houston Texans, college football betting players were unsure if Clemson would remain as dominant as force. Halfway through the season it’s clear that the Tigers are that and much more.

Looking over the Orange’s offense, one would be led to believe that Syracuse can compete with the Tigers. Clemson is currently averaging 35.0 points per outing while the Orange usually put up 32.0 each game. Yardage wise, the Tigers are gaining a total of 471 yards per game. In comparison, Syracuse usually gains around 466 yards per contest. If you were to look at just that you would believe that this will be one tough game this Friday. However, the difference between both teams’ defenses is stark and is what ultimately will lead to Syracuse being blown out this Friday. Yea, 22 points seems like a lot to cover but the Tigers haven’t had any qualms all season long about covering the spread.

Betting Syracuse

The Syracuse Orange are struggling once again. The Orange roll into this Friday’s matchup sporting a 3-3 record (1-1 in conference play) that ranks them 3rd in the ACC’s Atlantic division. It’s been a while since Syracuse has managed to deliver a winning season. With the team currently sitting at .500, the program is hopeful that they can accomplish that in 2017. However, looking over the current odds on this matchup, players who place sportsbook bets an expect Syracuse to be sitting on a losing record come Saturday.

As previously mentioned, it’s the Orange’s defenses that will lead to their undoing. Syracuse is currently giving up 24.3 points per outing while the Tigers are only allotting 11.3 points each game. Furthermore, Syracuse gives up a huge chunk of yardage each game: 357.7 yards to be exact. On the other hand, Clemson is only giving their opponents 264.3 yards in each game. This Friday, online college football betting players will find out just how big of a difference there is between these two teams.

US Sportsbook Betting Lines & Odds:

Clemson Tigers –22 ½ (-110)           56 (-110)         -2000

Syracuse Orange +22 ½ (-110)       56 (-110)         +1250