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Sportsbooks that accept VISA Card for Deposits

An online sports betting review of deposit methods is almost as important as a review of the sportsbook itself. And Visa cards are one such method. Sometime in the mid-2000s the American multinational financial services corporation used the slogan “Life Takes Visa.” We don’t know about Life, but the best online sportsbooks certainly do take Visa. After all, Visa has operations across all continents except Antarctica. No Antarctica? What if you need to attend the odd Metallica show? So it’s not really everywhere I want to be. Additionally, it is the world’s second-largest card payment organization behind China UnionPay. So its being nigh-ubiquitous is one of the pros of Visa. There are other pros. But like Nicaragua in the 80s, there are contras as well.

Online Sportsbooks Accepting VISA Deposits:

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Pros & Cons for this Betting Deposit Method:


Visa was founded 60 years ago. When a company survives more than half a century, you know it’s solid. Visa is such a reputable, safe, and secure financial entity, that is the de facto deposit/withdrawal method for many sportsbooks. Both local and offshore. In fact, if all sportsbooks do not use Visa, it’s because Visa is very particular about which websites bear its logo. Funds are guaranteed with the majority of Visa cards. That includes legal betting websites’ money. But what about bettors?

The name ‘Visa’ alone is like a magic password. Gamblers can, in most cases, call their online sportsbook of choice and provide their card number, name and security code number. The nitpickiest of websites for a copy of a driver’s license. But that’s it. More often than not, one can use one’s Visa card as deposit/withdrawal method with just one call. Banks or wire transfer companies need not be involved. After that, one just goes to the cashier menu. There one selects Visa as preferred method. Finally, one fills out a form and wait for the amount to be credited to one’s on-site account. One can rest assured the wait will not be a long one. It might be longer than with other deposit methods. But again, not all methods are almost “everywhere you want to be.”

In addition to Visa credit cards, debit, business, and prepaid Visa cards may be used as well. It could be said that individuals enjoy the same benefits as sportsbooks. Or, if not the same, at least benefits that are equally, well, beneficial. The problem is that, like the cast of Animal Farm, all individuals are equal. It’s just that some are more equal than others. For instance, Visa card-holders who reside outside the US can use it with much more ease than US residents.


US residents on the other hand have to jump through some hoops. The government of the United States passed laws that prohibit American citizens from using a credit card to fund online sportsbook accounts. Or, more to the point, from placing bets from the VISA card. This makes it difficult but not impossible. As it turns out, third party wallets allow users to make deposits using the VISA card. Conversely, one can use that wallet to make the deposit into the online sportsbook. Of course this involves extra hassle. It is up to users to decide whether more trouble than it’s worth. This online sports betting review reserves its opinion.

There is another con that affects all users from all parts of the world. Visa charges the sportsbook a fee for the transaction. This expenditure is expectedly pass on to the customer. Then again, most if not all sportsbooks offer bonuses. Taking advantage of these bonuses can help to offset the cost of the fee. All things considered though, this online sports betting review includes more pros than cons, and that’s not something at which to scoff.