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Top 25 Contenders for the College Basketball National Championship

Top 20 March Madness rankings

We are fast approaching February and soon we will see how the candidates for their spot to the Final Four start to shape up, and how sports betting sites are placing the odds for each of the top teams in competition. There are the usual suspects in everybody’s list, but the top can only be occupied by just one team. Here is a rundown of the top 25 candidates to make it to the Final Four and, most likely win the College Basketball National Championship.

1- Oklahoma
2- Villanova
3- Kansas
4- North Carolina
5- West Virginia
6- Xavier
7- Maryland
8- SMU
9- Texas A&M
10- Iowa
11- Michigan State
12- Arizona
13- Miami
14- Baylor
15- Providence
16- Louisville
17- Butler
18- Virginia
19- Iowa State
20- Duke
21- Purdue
22- Southern California
23- Kentucky
24- South Carolina
25- Indiana

The Number one team in the country according to most off the most notorious sports betting sites is Oklahoma. The Sooners have had one heck of a year, not without a misstep here and there in their previous games, but overall they have been dominating their competition and they are very likely headed to the Final Four.

The second team in our list is Villanova. The Wildcats, are considered by some pundits and sports writers as THE top team in College basketball, while others rank them at the number 4 position, which is very low for them. One thing is for sure, you can expect Villanova gain momentum as we reach March madness and then we will truly see how talented this team really is.

The number three position is held by Kansas, one team that will be determined to reach the Final Four and win that national title. This is a school that is accustomed to greatness, they have in Bill Self a phenomenal coach and a serious contender every year as per most of the top sports betting sites.

The Tar Heels are in what seems to be a sure ACC championship and a run in March Madness that will take them on a deep run. In the coming weeks it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone when the Tar Heels are brought up in the conversation as the number one team in the country. Their odds in sports betting sites to reach the Final Four will see some changes, but finally we can’t see them as the National Champions.