Super Bowl Rematch Betting Odds – Falcons vs. Patriots

Atlanta Falcons vs. New England Patriots Betting Odds and Game Analysis

The Atlanta Falcons headed into their Week 5 Bye Week with their bitter 23-17 loss, from the week before, to the Buffalo Bills still fresh in their mind. Having to sit around mulching over a loss is one of the worst things a professional football team could have to deal with and players who placed sportsbook bets on an Atlanta rebound in Week 6 ended up being sourly disappointed. Did the loss before the Bye Week cripple the Falcons’ confidence? Perhaps, how else can you justify the Falcons losing to Jay Cutler and the Miami Dolphins? Either way, the Falcons will have an opportunity to win over both US sportsbook players and NFL betting players this Sunday when they travel to Foxborough to take on the reigning Super Bowl champions – the team that stole a Vince Lombardi trophy out from under Atlanta.

Betting Atlanta

The Falcons fly into this Week 7 matchup flashing a 3-2 record that ties them with the New Orleans Saints for the No. 2 spot in the division. The Carolina Panthers are holding down the NFC South right now with their stellar 4-2 record. Facing a 2-game losing streak, Atlanta needs a quick turnaround lest risk falling out of the divisional race. US sportsbooks don’t think the Falcons can get the job done, but the 3 point spread is predicting a close match for the day. However, the Patriots have been scathing by the last couple of weeks. Specifically, there are many online NFL betting fans who feel that New England had their refs on their side in this past Sunday’s match against the Jets. Many feel that the Pats should have lost that game. Combine that with the broiling anger the Falcons have, both from last year’s Super Bowl loss and the last two losses the franchise has endured, and you might just get an Atlanta win this Sunday.

Betting on the totals line for this matchup is one of the best sportsbook bets players could make for Week 7. Both teams have top-tier offenses and should have no problem running up the scoreboard.

Betting New England

The Pats march into this Sunday’s lineup with a 4-2 record that gives them the lead in the AFC East. Had New England lost versus the Jets this past weekend, they would not be leading the division. In fact, the Pats haven’t led the East for most of this year – something that’s been unprecedented the last couple of seasons. Nevertheless, the Patriots are riding a 2 game winning streak and Bill Belichick will be looking to extend that this weekend against the team he more than embarrassed in the Super Bowl.

Tom Brady has been struggling with a slight shoulder injury these last couple of weeks but it doesn’t seem to have impacted him all that much, considering that he threw for 2 touchdowns this past Sunday. The Falcons have the NFL’s 12th best pass defense so they should be able to hold off Brady this weekend. If Atlanta can rough him up a bit, something I imagine they’re looking forward to doing, maybe they can stand a chance of pulling off this sportsbook upset.

US Sportsbook Betting Lines & Odds:

Atlanta Falcons +3 (-102)     56 ½ (-110)     +148

New England Patriots -3 (-118)       56 ½ (-110)     -170