Stephen Curry and the Warriors are destined for immortality

Golden State Warriors are the odds-on favorites to win the 2016-17 NBA championship

Steph Curry is unreal. Last season top sportsbooks did not have the Warriors as the favorites to win the NBA, this year even before preseason started, Golden State was the overall favorite team to win it all, and not only that break a record set by arguably the greatest basketball team of all time. 73 wins in one season? With the way things are going, the Warriors could be on the road to even a higher number! And all thank to the baby-faced assassin that is Stephen Curry.

Thanks to Curry’s unreal performance this season, the Warriors have become the exact definition of a ”safe bet”. At the time this article was written, the Warriors have only lost 5 games and won 55. They clinched their Playoff spot a while ago and they still have to play another 22 games, from which they only need 18 to beat the 95-96 Bulls’ record, and given their recent performances, they are destined to achieve that goal. But, record or not, the Warriors need to also win the NBA tittle if they want to write their name in history as the greatest NBA team of all time.

In a testament to just how good the Warriors have been, they have virtually eclipsed the absolute marvelous season that the San Antonio Spurs have had (currently with a 52-9 record). The Spurs are the only probable obstacle and the only threat the Warriors have to clinching the number 1 spot in the Western conference, but the odds at top sportsbooks favor the Warriors greatly that we don’t see the Spurs being able to topple Golden State.

What Curry has done for the game can only be measured with time. His accomplishments as a player through out his career will pile up, but at the time he has changed the game for smaller players in a league that had been dominated by big men in the past 20 plus years. Curry has shifted the way top sportsbooks now consider top teams in the NBA and built the Golden State Warriors as one of the best teams to ever play the game of basketball.

If the Warriors enter the playoffs (breaking the Bulls’ record) and win the NBA Championship, he would have solidified himself and entered his name on the discussion of the greatest players in the game, he still has a long career ahead of him and if you love basketball you can be happy that you are alive at a time where you get to see Stephen Curry play the game. And, if the rumors are correct, the Warriors could become a dynasty if they manage to sign Kevin Durant this offseason. Just imagine the possibilities.