Sportsbook Bets to Make in Falcons vs. Saints Week 16 Matchup

Atlanta Falcons vs. New Orleans Saints Betting odds and picks
  • by Anthony Carpenter
  • December 20th, 2017
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Two weeks away from the end of the 2017 NFL betting regular season and the NFC South is still very much up for grabs. Before the season began, few NFL betting guides could have predicted such a tight finish to the NFC South. Nevertheless, there isn’t a single player complaining about this riveting spectacle. Considering how well both these teams matchup against each other, there’s no question that NFL gambling websites are going to have a hard time predicting this rivalry. Let’s take a look at what kind of sportsbook bets players should be making on this Week 16 pairing.

Betting Atlanta

The Falcons fly into this penultimate regular season matchup with a 9-5 record that ranks Atlanta 3rd in the NFC South. At the current moment, the 10-4 Saints are tied alongside the 10-4 Carolina Panthers at the top of the division. Despite this, the Falcons could very well make a late season push for the lead in the division. All Atlanta needs to do is pull off the upset on the road this weekend and pray that the Panthers suffer a few losses before the season closes out. It’s not smart to rest your playoff hopes on other teams, but the Falcons can still clinch a Wild Card berth in case they don’t win the division. However, they will still need to beat the Saints to do that.

Both the Falcons and the Saints have evenly matched defenses, but there’s no question that New Orleans has the advantage on offense. At the present time, the Saints are putting up 28.6 points per game, which is slightly higher than the 22.7 the Falcons are averaging. However, on defense both teams are tied at an exact 20.1 allotted each weekend. It’s not often that you see two teams averaging the same in points allowed per matchup, but this just proves that this matchup will go down to the wire.

Betting New Orleans

The Saints march into this Week 16 matchup sporting a 10-4 record. New Orleans made a push for the lead in the NFC South early this season and was successful in their endeavor. Nonetheless, New Orleans has posted a 2-2 record in their last 4 games that is putting their division title in risk. Included in those two losses was a 20-17 loss to the Falcons a few weeks back. If New Orleans were to suffer a loss this upcoming Sunday, their playoff hopes may come into jeopardy. And considering their recent loss to the Falcons, players might have a hard time placing sportsbook bets on the Saints in Week 16.

This is a tough matchup to predict no matter what line you choose to wager on. Obviously picking this rivalry straight up is difficult since both teams are so dominant. Both the Saints and the Falcons have tremendous passing games and they also wield capable defenses. Furthermore, both teams have posted mediocre records against the spread as well as the totals line. Specifically, the Saints have a 7-7 against the spread record this season while the Falcons are sitting on a 6-8 ATS record. Additionally, the Saints are 8-6 against the over/under this season while Atlanta is 5-9 against the totals line themselves.

Sportsbook Bets, Lines & Odds:

Atlanta Falcons +5 ½ (-110)            53 (-105)

New Orleans Saints -5 ½ (-110)     53 (-115)