Soccer Betting Sites Contemplate the Best Escape for CR7

Best Escape for Cristiano Ronaldo tax evasion

Richard Kimble, David Banner, and now Cristiano Ronaldo. Sites for betting are weighing the best escape routes for the Portuguese striker. But first let’s establish some facts. Name: Richard Kimble. Profession: Footballer. Destination: Investigation for tax evasion. However, laws are made by men, carried out by men, and men are imperfect. CR7 may be innocent. What Ronaldo could not prove was that he encountered a man running from the vicinity of his home. A man with one arm. A man who has not yet been found. Ronaldo ponders his fate as he looks at the world for the last time, and sees only darkness. But in that darkness, fate moves its huge hand.

Manchester United. Manchester is where CR7 made the transition from local sensation to international superstar, so it only makes sense that he’d seek sanctuary in Old Trafford. At this juncture in time, though, it seems that MUFC is more interested in another Madrid forward; namely Alvaro Morata. Manchester recently released Zlatan Ibrahimovic and has moved their sights from Antoine Griezmann to Morata.

Ronaldo asked his agent for a transfer to PSG
Ronaldo asked his agent for a transfer to PSG

Paris St. Germain. According to Ronaldo asked his agent for a transfer to PSG. Nonetheless, “we have not had an offer for Cristiano…the Sheikh at Paris Saint-Germain is a friend of mine, and he hasn’t called me nor have we talked,” Real Madrid president Florentino Perez told Spanish radio station Onda Cero. By “Sheikh” he presumably means chairman and chief executive officer of Paris Saint-Germain Nasser Al-Khelaifi?

Bayern Munich. Sites for betting have mentioned the German team as another refuge for CR7. Times surely have changed when people want to escape to Germany, but Bayern chief executive Karl-Heinz Rummenigge dismissed the rumors as nothing more than a crock of Scheise. “We are accustomed to speculating intensively on possible ins and outs during the transfer period. As a rule, we do not comment on these rumours,” Rummenigge said. “But in the case of Cristiano Ronaldo, we want to clarify once and for all that this rumour has no basis and must be referred to the realm of the fable.” Conversely, Fortuna Köln of the German third division has expressed interest in CR7 but claim to be only able to pay him in beer. We want to go to there.

Any Chinese or MLS team. Let’s face it; it may not be tomorrow or for a long time, but Cristiano Ronaldo will eventually end up in the MLS. They all do.

One can’t help but feel that soccer betting sites are overlooking possible destinations like Switzerland or the Netherlands – two countries considered to be tax havens. Of course, that would assume that Ronaldo is guilty of any wrongdoing. And while popular opinion is quick to side with the accusers, Perez is sure “sure that Cristiano complies with his tax duties, it must be a confusion that will be cleared.” He denied that CR7 would want Real Madrid to pay any fines for him, and added that “Cristiano Ronaldo has a contract with Madrid” and “the [release] clause for Cristiano is £1bn.”