Possible Teams to Back in this Year’s NCAA Tournament

March Madness Betting Action - Best Odds, Stats and Predictions

Tuesday marked the official start of this year’s March Madness tournament. Rather, it marked the official start of the countdown. For those out of the loop, Tuesday hailed the date when the NCAA committee would meet in New York to determine this year’s betting bracket. They’ll be going over the list of the best teams in the nation to determine the tournament’s seeding as well as which lower-ranked programs make the cut.

To help US sportsbook bettors find success in this year’s tournament, we’ve assembled a brief guide of some of this year’s biggest betting favorites. While this will give you a good idea of which programs to back early on, the Madness of March is found in the tournament’s unpredictability. Nevertheless, this guide will certainly help bettors find success once the tourney kicks off.

Teams to Back Early on || March Madness Betting Guide

Virginia Cavaliers

There’s not much to this selection as the Cavs are currently ranked as the best program in the nation. Not only that, the Cavs own a brilliant 28-2 record that includes a 17-1 record in ACC play. Judging by how dominant the ACC is, it’s extremely surprising that the Cavaliers could find that much success this season. Any team that faces them in the tournament early on will be pegged as an underdog and rightfully so. But will they win the whole tournament? That’s a different question entirely. But all in all, they’re inarguably one of the best favorites to back this time around.

Michigan State Spartans

The Spartans had a great season but the fact that they finished the year on a low-note will force most bettors to give them a cold shoulder. Specifically, seeing Michigan State get eliminated by Michigan in the Big 10 Tournament has forced some heads to turn away. However, the Spartans finished the year with a 29-4 record with their only 4 losses coming against domineering teams. So in short, their Big 10 dismissal will likely force bookies to favor other programs. This opens the door for NCAA bettors to come in and create massive US sportsbook value by backing Michigan State.

Villanova Wild Cats

Villanova is almost always a March Madness betting favorite. But this year they’re setting themselves apart with a heap of offensive versatility. In short, the Wildcats have 6 players putting up more double digits each game. What that means is that Nova has innumerable ways to find the basket, and they do so each and every time they take to the court. However, like Michigan State, Nova suffered some losses towards the end of the season that are forcing bettors to question if they deserve favoritism.

Duke Blue Devils

The Blue Devils come into this year’s tournament with a tremendous amount of talent. In fact, one could say that Duke wields more NBA talent than any other program on this tally. Testament to their prowess is the fact that Duke was able to finish 2nd in the ACC. The odds out on Duke make them one of the better options to back at this current moment as well.

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