Miami’s hopes on March Madness

On March Madness there is always an overachieving team that comes out of left field and completely busts all the brackets, while being considered underdogs on multiple online sportsbooks. They might be ranked relatively high on the NCAA rankings, but they are not expected to make a deep run. Many experts on top betting sites and related media consider that Miami could be that team to sneak out and make a deep run this year. But is that even possible? With Villanova and Kansas on their region the U are defiant underdogs in this tournament.

Although they have kept a relative low profile all throughout the regular season, the Hurricanes almost won the ACC regular season title. They enter the tournament with a team that relies a lot on their guards and experience. They manage to put on great defense and effective offense that have made them get the attention on many online sportsbooks and be considered as a team that could pose as a low key threat to heavy top sportsbook favorites Kansas and Villanova. They are good enough to make their opponents take them very seriously.

Miami’s biggest asset coming into the Tournament is their overall experience. Sheldon McClellan, Angel Rodriguez, and Kamari Murphy are their most experienced players and they can provide cool heads on tournament situations. Miami can go toe to toe with Villanova and Kansas and hold their own. They have in Rodriguez a player that can guide deep in the tournament and placing the Hurricanes in the Final Four could be a bold choice for fans betting on online sportsbooks, but one that has a lot of chances of actually occurring.

Miami does have its share of flaws and weaknesses. Throughout the season they had all sorts of problems whenever dealing with “star” players. In tough situations Miami suffers when it definitely shouldn’t. Now, during the Tournament, these sort of things normally would be sorted out by their coaching staff, but when we look into the Hurricanes possible path to Houston, Kansas and Villanova have very talented squads that could put Miami’s D to the test. Rodriguez is Miami’s star player and it is up to him to put on top-level performances if they want to be serious contenders this year. But having to rely on just him can end up being counterproductive, especially if Rodriguez is having an off night. If they face opponents that can successfully contain him, they can be in big trouble.

Ultimately, there has been several pundits and College Hoops analysts who consider Miami a team that will reach its maximum potential during the Tournament and some have consider them to be Final Four material. However considering their defensive issues and the dependency on Angel Rodriguez, the Hurricanes do have a ceiling this year and it appears to be the Elite Eight. If you are betting on online sportsbooks, know that the Hurricanes have a very decent chance of knocking Villanova out in the Sweet 16, but they might not have the same luck when facing Kansas Jayhawks. Expect the Hurricanes to put on a helluva fight, but fall in the final stretch against Kansas.