Taking A Look at 2018’s World Cup Betting Futures’ Odds

2018 World Cup Betting Future Odds

The 2018 World Cup has come into sight and it has sent bettors scrambling to find an ideal sportsbook review to lock in the perfect bookie for one of the biggest sporting events on planet Earth. Now that we’ve gotten some insight into the group stage, the best online bettors can begin to make some tantalizing predictions for how this year’s World Cup will shape up. Without a doubt, the World Cup is paramount and knowing who will face who in the group stage is an integral part of predicting this global tournament.

With varying competition in each group, players can begin to estimate which soccer titan will find the most success. Will Brazil emerge as the eternal contender? Or will the reigning champions Germany assert their dominance right out of the gate? Better yet, will some underdog deliver an eye-raising push for the title; much like Costa Rica did 4 years ago?

Ultimately, the key to answering these questions is having an in depth understanding of the group stage and how that translates into the eliminatory rounds. You can browse sportsbook reviews all day long, but at the end of the day it’s knowing who will face who that can help you make accurate predictions. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at the 2018 World Cup group stage.

Group A

Russia (Host)



Saudi Arabia

Group B





Group C





Group D





Group E



Costa Rica


Group F




South Korea

Group G





Group H





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FIFA has taken the liberty of ranking each group to help bettors understand just how fierce the competition is for each contender. The strongest group, at least according to the governing body overseeing the tourney, is Group E, who’s competitors combine for a total of 4,415 points. After Group E is Group F with 4,151 points, followed by B with 4,128, C: 4,101, D: 4,099, G: 3,953, and H comes in at the last spot with 3,944.

So, with Group H offering the lowest level of competition, it’s looking like Colombia should have an easy road out of the group stage. Likewise, there’s no guarantee that Brazil will make it into the eliminatory rounds, since their group has the highest level of competition. That said, it seems unlikely that Brazil won’t outclass Switzerland or even Serbia. Players looking for sports betting tips should be inclined to bet on Colombia before betting against Brazil.

But before bettors place any daring bets, players should mulch over the odds each country is facing. The below listed odds, which hail from TopBet sportsbook, should help bettors in that endeavor. TopBet sportsbook is one of the best sportsbooks online in the industry, especially when it comes to World Cup Betting. Feel free to take a gander at our TopBet sportsbook review to get a more in depth at what they offer.

2018 World Cup Futures Odds

Argentina +895

Australia +20000

Belgium +1215

Brazil +500

Colombia +3350

Costa Rica +35000

Croatia +4050

Denmark +8000

Egypt +20000

England +1425

France +605

Germany +500

Japan +30000

Mexico +5900

Nigeria +20000

Peru +10000

Poland +4050

Portugal +2485

Russia +3325

Senegal +12500

Serbia +12500

Spain +755

Sweden +10000

Switzerland +8050

Tunisia +50000

Uruguay +3250

Iceland +20000

Iran +30000

Morocco +20000

Panama +50000

Saudi Arabia +50000

South Korea +50000

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