Heisman Trophy Betting Favorites Predictions

Heisman Thophy Betting Favorites - 2017 edition
  • by Andrew Scofield
  • August 8th, 2017
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One of the biggest parts of the college football betting season is Heisman Trophy betting. Nailing a preseason prediction on who will walk away with the highest individual honor bestowed at the collegiate level is one of the most gratifying things in online sportsbook betting. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at the players who are most likely to walk away with the Heisman at the end of this upcoming season.

Sam Darnold – QB – USC

Darnold has an uncanny ability to extend plays beyond what is humanly possible, which often ends up costing defenses big. It’s undoubtedly the biggest reason that USA sportsbooks have Darnold pegged as the favorite to walk away with the honors at the end of the season. At a glance, Darnold has everything needed to win the Heisman: incredible talent, plays a marquee position, and also plays at one of the most historic programs in the nation.

That said, Darnold will have to contend with one of the youngest groups of receivers in the nation. But there’s more than one reason to believe that Darnold will get the job done.

Baker Mayfield – QB – Oklahoma

The best sportsbooks don’t always pick the right man and bettors who feel that online bookmakers are wrong about Darnold will likely end up choosing Mayfield.

If Darnold emulates Aaron Rodgers by mimicking his ability to extend plays, then Mayfield emulates Rodgers by posting jaw-dropping Int-TD rations. Although Mayfield’s may not be on par to the future Hall of Famer’s, the fact that           Mayfield has posted 76 touchdowns to just 15 interceptions in his two seasons with Oklahoma cannot be easily overlooked. And neither should the fact that he finished third in Heisman voting in 2016.

Bettors who feel confident that Mayfield will finish first this time around should check out MyBookie.ag, who is offering some lucrative odds on one of this year’s Heisman favorites.

JT Barrett – QB – Ohio State

Barrett could be one of this year’s best sleepers, or one of this year’s biggest disappointments. His coaches and program will swear by him, confidently stating that he’s one of the best leaders to ever grace the school. Testament to this is the fact that Barrett is the only three-time captain in the history of Ohio State football, one of the most storied in the entire nation.

That said, most USA sportsbooks are having a hard time clearing their head of Barrett and company’s massacre at the hands of the Tigers in last year’s college football betting playoffs. Barrett and Ohio State’s offense was nowhere to be seen that day, and when it mattered most they failed to come up big.

However, Barrett will have ample opportunities to prove that he’s the rightful Heisman winner. Ohio State is slated to face the Sooners in Week 2, and they’ll have to host Barkley and Penn State before squaring off against their arch-rival Michigan. It’s a tough schedule, but one that will leave plenty of room for Barrett to shine.