Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings Game Betting Predictions

Predicting NFL Packers vs. Vikings Sunday Night Football
  • by Anthony Carpenter
  • October 11th, 2017
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After barely defeating the Chicago Bears this past Monday night, the Minnesota Vikings are now preparing to face another NFC North opponent: the Green Bay Packers. The Packers are the current leaders of the division and if Minnesota struggled against the team in last place, the Chicago Bears, it stands to reason that they will have their hands full this Sunday. Let’s take a look at what good sportsbook betting lines are predicting will unfold come Sunday.

Betting Green Bay

The Packers ride into this Week 6 matchup sporting a 4-1 record that ranks them first in the NFC North. The Pack came into this season as the reigning NFC North champions and are well on their way to winning the division once more this season. The best online sportsbooks for American players are pegging the Pack as the favorites this weekend and rightfully so.

The strength of the Packers lies in Aaron Rodgers. It’s interesting to see how rich of a history the Packers have had at the quarterback position. Longtime online NFL betting fans will recall the dynasty the franchise established under Bart Starr as well as the success Green Bay enjoyed with Brett Favre. There’s no question that Starr and Favre are some of the best quarterbacks to enter the league and now they have Rodgers; the man many good sportsbook pundits claim is the best thrower of the football to ever grace the earth.

Rodgers made a name for himself by consistently delivering magic on Hail Marys. So far this season, #12 has led his team to two 4th quarter comebacks. Last Sunday, a minute and 12 seconds is all it took for Mr. State Farm to lead his team to a crucial win over the Dallas Cowboys. Rodgers enters this contest with 13 touchdowns, 3 interceptions, 1,367 yards and a 104.1 passer rating.

Betting Minnesota

The Vikings fight their way into this contest with a 3-2 record that ties them alongside the Detroit Lions for 2nd place in the division. The Vikings first loss of the second came at the hands of the Pittsburgh Steelers, which is not a bad team to lose to. However, Minnesota’s second loss of the season came at the hands of the Chicago Bears. And even though that was a division rivalry, the loss reflects extremely poorly for the franchise. Granted, Minnesota did have to contend without starting quarterback Sam Bradford in that contest. So perhaps if the Vikings were at 100% they would’ve come out on top against the lowly Bears.

Players placing sportsbook bets on this game should avoid betting on the Vikes. Minnesota ranks 7th in the NFL against the run, which is very good, but that won’t help them at all this Sunday since the Pack is not known for their running game. Rather, they’re known for their electrifying 4th quarter comebacks, engineered by none other than Rodgers. And since the Vikings currently have the 20th worst pass defense in the NFL, it stands to reason that Rodgers will be having a field day come Sunday.

Good Sportsbook Betting Lines:

Green Bay Packers   -3 ½ (-110)      47 (-110)

Minnesota Vikings  +3 ½ (-110)     47 (-110)