Dallas Cowboys vs. Atlanta Falcons Odds Prepare for Fierce NFC Battle

Dallas Cowboys are favored against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday night football 2016 NFL Week 15

The Dallas Cowboys got off to a bad start in 2017 as America’s Team posted a 2-3 through their first 5 games of the season. Considering that the Cowboys are coming off a season in which they only conceded 3 losses through 16 games, it’s safe to say that Dallas’ fan base was sourly disappointed with the way the franchise kicked off this year’s season. However, most sports betting sites will agree that Dallas has delivered a bit of a turnaround in the last three weeks, going undefeated in that tenure. But not only have the Cowboys put on an impressive win streak, they’ve beaten some damn good teams along the way. The most recent triumph includes a 28-17 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs – the team who for the 1st half of the season was the frontrunner to win the AFC. The Falcons, like the Cowboys, have been having a hard time getting back to their 2016 form and most NFL betting guides are predicting that Atlanta is dealing with a simple case of the Super Bowl blues. What will NFL bookmakers have to say about this Week 10 matchup?

Betting Dallas

The Cowboys come into this Sunday’s action sporting a 5-3 record that ranks the franchise 2nd in the NFC East. As aforementioned, Dallas has looked pretty great recently as they’ve picked up three straight over the 49ers, Redskins and Chiefs. However, the team could very well have to compete without Ezekiel Elliott this weekend. Granted, this has been the same story week in and week out so he could very well be in the starting lineup. In fact, Dallas has him practicing week and it looks like they’re waiting for the suspension to be repealed. Nevertheless, most sports betting sites don’t think it’ll happen in time for Sunday’s game. If that were the case, the Cowboys sticking with Elliott in practice might do more harm than good. This could be just the thing the Falcons need to pull off the home win.

Betting Atlanta

The Falcons will be looking to bounce back from this past weekend’s 20-17 loss to the Carolina Panthers. Sunday’s misfortune highlighted the problems that the Falcons have been having this season; their offense is a barely a shadow of last year’s. While Atlanta may wield the league’s 6th best total offense and 6th best passing attack, they rank 17th in the league in terms of points scored per game. Ranking in the bottom half of the NFL in terms of points earned per matchup is not the defining trait of a Super Bowl bound team and it’s something that the Falcons will have to address moving forward.

As of now, sports betting sites are favoring the Falcons over the Cowboys. This is surprising considering the difference in records between both teams and also how differently Atlanta and Dallas have been faring as of late. With the Falcons getting home field in this match, they’ll have an unquestionable advantage. Furthermore, if Elliott isn’t reinstated in time for Sunday’s game, the Falcons should be able to win decisively without breaking a sweat. But if Zeke happens to be in the backfield this weekend, Dallas might just be able to pull off the upset and keep the win streak alive.

Online NFL Betting Odds:

Dallas Cowboys +3 (-116)    50 ½ (-109)

Atlanta Falcons -3 (-103)     50 ½ (-111)