Chiefs vs. 49ers Super Bowl LIV Top Prop Bets

Super Bowl Top Prop Bets

Super Bowl betting sites are not content with just giving you odds on the Super Bowl moneyline, pointspread, and total. This is the last game of the season, and the best online sportsbooks want to cram as much betting onto it as possible. And really, it wouldn’t be Super Sunday without a ton of prop bets. So, without further ado, let’s walk through some of the most interesting ones.


Pat Mahomes and Jimmy Garoppolo lead this category. However, we don’t really see Jimmy G. doing a lot to warrant this honor, even if the Niners win. San Francisco is very likely to run the ball the way they did against Green Bay. Especially considering Kansas City’s run defense is just as bad if not worse than GB’s.


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First offensive play from scrimmage

The 49ers’ first offensive play from scrimmage would be, one would imagine, a run play (see above). Conversely, the Chiefs’ first play could conceivably be a pass play (see Mahomes).

  • RUN PLAY -155
  • PASS PLAY +125

Team with most first downs

Kansas City averaged 22.6 first downs per game in 2019, to San Fran’s 20.9. The Chiefs have 56 first downs this postseason; the Niners 40.

  • 49ERS -110
  • CHIEFS -120

Will Either Team Score 3 Unanswered Times

We bring this one up for a reason. The Chiefs as a matter of fact allowed three unanswered scores. In the AFC divisional round against the Texans. Could lightning strike thrice twice?

  • SC 3 UNASWD TM -285
  • SC 3 UNASWD TM +215

Winning margin

According to the point spread at betting sites for NFL, Super Bowl LIV will be a close game. That is to say, it will be decided a few points. Thus, whichever teams wins, will win by a short margin.

  • 49ERS WIN BY 1-6 POINTS +370
  • 49ERS WIN BY 7-12 POINTS +600
  • 49ERS WIN BY 13-18 POINTS +850
  • 49ERS WIN BY 19-24 POINTS +1400
  • 49ERS WIN BY 25-30 POINTS +2200
  • CHIEFS WIN BY 7-12 POINTS +550
  • CHIEFS WIN BY 13-18 POINTS +800
  • CHIEFS WIN BY 19-24 POINTS +1200
  • CHIEFS WIN BY 25-30 POINTS +2000

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Highest scoring quarter

Let’s bring up that AFC divisional game again. as we mentioned, Kansas City was down 0-21 in the first quarter. Then Mahomes threw four touchdown passes in the last 10 minutes of the second quarter. In the process he became just the second player in NFL history to throw four touchdowns in a single quarter of a postseason game. but what about the regular season?

In Week 2 of the 2019 season, Mahomes rebounded from the first scoreless first quarter of his career in the regular season. And he did so by throwing four touchdown passes in the second quarter against the Raiders. Could he have a similarly productive Super Bowl second quarter? Making it the game’s highest-scoring quarter?

  • 1ST QUARTER +500
  • 2ND QUARTER +170
  • 3RD QUARTER +470
  • 4TH QUARTER +210
  • TIE +900

Team with the highest scoring quarter

For the same reason we just stated above, that team may very well be the Chiefs.

  • 49ERS+110
  • CHIEFS+100
  • TIE+600

More props from betting sites for NFL

Double result

  • 49ERS 1H/ 49ERS FT +180
  • 49ERS 1H/ CHIEFS FT +600
  • CHIEFS 1H/ 49ERS FT +650
  • TIE 1H/ 49ERS FT +1800
  • TIE 1H/ CHIEFS FT +1600
  • 49ERS /TIE +4000
  • CHIEFS /TIE +4000
  • TIE 1H/TIE FT +4500

First score method

  • 49ERS TD +200
  • 49ERS FIELD GOAL +370
  • 49ERS ANY OTHER +5000
  • CHIEFS TD +190

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