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Best Sportsbook to Bet in the NFC East

Best Online Sportsbook Action for the NFC East

The 2017 online NFL betting season is in sight and now is the perfect time for players to dial in on the perfect US sportsbook for this upcoming season.

One of the most popular betting lines on the web are Super Bowl predictions. Naturally, finding the best online sportsbook is pivotal to maximizing one’s winnings, as well as one’s enjoyment.

Equally as important is making the right prediction. One team that is drawing a considerable amount of action, apart from the New England Patriots – who are the US sportsbook favorites to win the Vince Lombardi trophy, is the Dallas Cowboys.

The Cowboys were one game away from competing for the NFC title last season, but were sent home by Aaron Rodgers’ theatrics. Dallas will be facing high expectations in 2017, as well as an entire division that will be aiming to take their head off. Will America’s Team be able to rise above the NFC East and make a push for the Super Bowl?

Dallas Cowboys

13-3 Record || 5th in Total Offense || 14th in Total Defense

2017 Opponents: DB, AC, LAR, GBP, SF, KC, AF, LAC, OR, SS

Since they won the division last season, the Cowboys will arguably have the hardest season of the East. Unfortunately for Dallas, their challenges have already begun in the preseason. In addition to balancing Ezekiel Elliot’s public persona, the Cowboys have to deal with the aftermath of the Lucky Whitehead incident. Online NFL betting fans unfamiliar with the situation can catch up by watching the clip down below.

Essentially, the Cowboys turned the cold shoulder on a player who did nothing wrong. It might not seem like much, but it’s another stone in the foot of the Cowboys’ organization that has many US sportsbook fans feeling that Dallas will collapse in the playoffs, if they even make it.

Fans who are confident in the Cowboys’ Super Bowl chances should hit up TopBet.eu, who is offering the best online sportsbook value on a Dallas Super Bowl run.

New York Giants

11-5 Record || 25th in Total Offense || 10th in Total Defense

2017 Opponents: DL, TB, LAC, DB, SS, LAR, SF, KC, OR, AC

This is the second season with Ben McAdoo, and the Giants’ fanbase will be expecting even greater success this upcoming season.

New York will be looking to improve upon a meager pass defense (23rd in the league) and a struggling running game (29th in the league). The biggest additions the Giants have made include the signing of free agent Brandon Marshall, who will be a big target for Manning to hit, and Wayne Gallman Jr., a runningback out of Clemson the Giants picked up in the 4th round.

Not too many online wagering sites are expecting the Giants to win the division, which has prompted GTBets.eu to offer some eye-catching action on New York.

Philadelphia Eagles

7-9 Record || 22nd in Total Offense || 12th in Total Defense

2017 Opponents: KC, LAC, AZ, CP, SF, DB, CB, SS, LAR, OR

Like the Giants, the Eagles are looking to get better results from second year head coach Doug Pederson. The Eagles started the 2016 season red hot and many of the best online sportsbooks felt like they could ride that wave of success all the way to the playoffs.

The opposite turned out to be true as inexperience quickly crumbled away Philadelphia’s momentum. Now the Eagles are looking to get better results from second-year quarterback Carson Wentz, who showed flashes of greatness last season.

NFL wagering fans who like Wentz’ chances this upcoming season should check out MyBookie.ag, who’s offering some great lines on the Giants chances in the East.

Washington Redskins

8-7-1 Record || 3rd in Total Offense || 28th in Total Defense

If Washington could’ve played a little defense last season, they might have just been contenders in the NFC East. This upcoming season, they’ll be looking to capitalize on opportunities they missed out in 2016. Unfortunately for Washington, the East is tougher than ever.

If you’re confident that the Redskins can turn their defensive woes around in 2017, TopBet.eu is a great sportsbook option offering some lucrative lines on Washington.