Best Bet on Patriots vs. Chiefs, NFL Divisional Playoffs Odds

  • by Andrew Scofield
  • January 13th, 2016
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2016  NFL Divisional Playoffs New England Patriots vs. Kansas City Chiefs OddsAfter the much discussed Wild Card games last week, sports betting sites now turn the page to the Divisional Round games. To start the action we will have a very interesting matchup between the defending World Champs New England patriots and the red hot Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs are coming on with high motivations after a dominant display of football, after dispatching the Houston Texans in their Wild Card game 30-0, but as hot as they might be at the moment, they are now the 5-point underdogs versus the Patriots. Can the Chiefs steal away a W from the Pats? Or will New England cool off the Red Hot Chiefs?

The Chiefs storyline says that they are on a 11-game winning streak and they have won their first playoff game since 1994. Many pundits consider them one of the best current Football teams on the league and they appear to have the momentum factor on their side, as they get ready to face the World Champs at Foxborough. This game is make or break for the Chiefs, if they lose they will gracefully bow out and have a memorable season to look back on, if they win, well… this could be a serious boost that could propel them to be favorites to reach the Super Bowl. Despite their winning streak, despite their dominant performance versus the Texans, the Chiefs are still considered the underdogs by all sports betting sites. They have a fantastic defensive unit, that has really demonstrated it can handle the pressure, but now they will face one of the best QBs of all time.

As for the Patriots, the weekend allowed them to rest up, get healthy and study the game tapes on the Chiefs. After a strong initial run, the Patriots were considered by virtually every single top online sportsbooks as the best team in the NFL. Then came their losses. Four of their last six games, to be exact. At the end of the regular season they had to deal with banged up players on both offense and defense. This weakened the Patriots and it cost them some pretty tough losses. The opportunity to regroup provided by the Wild Card Weekend, allowed them to get some important players back.

When it comes to predicting this game, many will be tempted to bet the Chiefs. It is understandable, as Kansas City as an awesome secondary line and they a very strong defense. The Patriots, as banged up as they might be, they have a great offense, a solid defense and a fortress that is Gillette Stadium. The issue with the Chiefs is that they are not flawless in offense and that could be their downfall. They need to capitalize when they have the football and they must try to avoid any form of turnovers in this game, something they have not been able to do even when playing their best. Sports betting sites have the Patriots as favorites for a reason; they have the experience and know that it takes to win on games like this. In the end, the Pats will come out on top 28-21.