2018 FIFA World Cup Group F Experts Analysis, Odds and Predictions

2018 World Cup Group F expert predictions, odds and best bets to make

One of the best, albeit obvious, sportsbook betting tips you can get is to back Germany. The Germans are, with Brazil, one of the two heavy favorites to win the competition altogether. Making it a matter of course that they will win their group. Or at least should win. Germany is the current reigning and defending World Champion. The World Cup Champion is no longer allotted an automatic berth in the next tournament. But Germany may as well have been given one. They won their qualifying group with a perfect 10-0 record, scoring 43 goals and conceding just four. Meanwhile, Mexico were CONCACAF Fifth Round winners. Sweden were UEFA Second Round winners. And South Korea were AFC Third Round Group A runners-up.

Germany (-275)

In contrast with their rampage during the qualifiers, Germany went 1-1-2 in their last four friendlies before the World Cup. But that’s because manager Joachim Low has been in the lab. He’s been making sure everyone on the roster – which surprising doesn’t include Leroy Sane – gets some minutes on the pitch. Once the whistle blows in their World Cup opener, you can expect the Germans to do what Germans do best. And that is exterminate the competition. As a matter of fact, they are like a bunch of Terminators, ruthless and machine-like. They are like those flocks of birds that fly in a perfect formation. And if one single individual fails to align himself with the majority? Then that individual is simply left behind. Like Sane.

Mexico (+500)

Apparently, Low issued a ‘sex-ban’ on his players for the duration of the World Cup. Members of the Mexican national football team probably feared manager Juan Carlos Osorio would take such a measure. And thus they decided to preemptively get their rocks off before the trip to Russia. With a party of bacchanal proportions which debauchery would have made Donatien Alphonse François blush. Now, there are two schools of thought as far as sportsbook betting tips go. On the one hand, if you backed Mexico before you can still do so. None of the players involved in the scandal will be punished so they won’t miss the World Cup. On the other hand, those players must be shells of their former selves. It was, after all, eight football players taking on 30 women. Or, as Amazon Women in the Mood would say, “death by snoo-snoo.”

Sweden (+600)

We have more in the way of sportsbook betting tips. Should you do like Canadian-Italian fans and back anyone but Sweden? Mexico does have the slightly better odds, but it’s pretty close. Almost too close to call. Something that could conceivably keep the Swedes from the second round is their neutered offense. Sweden has drawn a blank in three straight friendlies, as well as in four of their last five. It is safe to say that the Swedes lost their mojo when Zlatan Ibrahimovic retired from international competition.

South Korea (+1600)

The Taegeuk Warriors are the most successful Asian national football team. They have participated in nine straight and ten overall FIFA World Cups. That is the most for any Asian nation. Additionally, South Korea became the first and only Asian team to reach the semi-final when they co-hosted the 2002 competition. They also reached the Round of 16 in the 2010 edition of the tourney. The odds are stacked against them this time around, though. “In every country I’ve gone to, if you smile at people, they are going to be happy. This is my attitude,” says South Korean forward Son Heung-min. You better get your smile on now while you can. You know, before zee Germans get here.

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