2017 NFL MVP Betting Top Candidates, Expert Analysis

Analysis 2017 NFL MVP Betting Top Picks

The 2017 NFL preseason has kicked off, giving online NFL betting fans even more reason to look ahead at this upcoming season. Finding the best gambling websites is the best way to maximize your betting fun, and one line worth turning to when comparing sportsbooks involves MVP futures prediction.

The MVP award is the highest individual honor bestowed to NFL players, and predicting who takes home the prestigious award is one of the most popular lines at US online sportsbooks. Apart from cashing in on some pretty auspicious odds, NFL betting players also get some pretty big bragging rights from predicting the rightful MVP winner all the way in the preseason.

So, who are the best candidates to walk away with this year’s MVP award? Let’s take a look.

Tom Brady

Widely considered to be the greatest quarterback to ever don the pads, it stands to reason that Brady is one of this year’s biggest favorites to win the MVP award, and US online sportsbooks couldn’t agree more. Brady is facing the best odds out of the entire NFL, and at the young age of 40, that’s saying something.

There’s no reason not to expect a great season out of Brady, but the real question is whether or not he will be able to outshine the other players on this list. The Patriots are an extremely well-rounded team, which means that Brady will likely have the lead heading into most 4th quarters, something that can’t be said about the other quarterbacks on this list. Brady will likely have a great season, but it might not be as spectacular as someone else on this list.

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Aaron Rodgers

If Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback the NFL has ever seen, then Aaron Rodgers is the most talented quarterback the league has ever witnessed. Rodgers has the ability to make throws that most other quarterbacks wouldn’t even consider, and anyone who has caught some of his highlight reels know his talents are beyond reproach.

The one thing that Rodgers has over Brady is a defense that will put in him in very uncomfortable positions. This will give Rodgers ample time to shine and deliver those jaw-dropping Hail Marys that he’s known for.

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Dak Prescott

Prescott took home rookie of the year honors last season and is one of this year’s favorites to win the MVP. Prescott shocked the nation last year by stepping in for an injured Tony Romo and showing the poise of an NFL veteran.

However, some feel that Prescott will not enjoy the same amount of success as he did in 2016, claiming that most of last year’s success was a fluke. On top of that, off the field issues from behalf of his counterpart, Ezekiel Elliott, leads many to believe that Prescott will have a harder time delivering the same results without his trusty running back backing him up.