How to Bet on Horse Racing: The Basics

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Betting on horse racing can be very fun and lucrative, but first you must know what the heck you are doing. Expert betting advise #1 is, if you are going to wager, at least learn the mechanics. You are probably thinking, thank you captain obvious, but it’s true. Some seasoned betting experts still don’t fully grasp the different ins and outs of horse racing wagers. Today we are going to tell you about the basic knowledge tat you must posses if you want to bet on horses.

There might be slight differences between the best gambling sites here and there, but the core fundamentals of horse racing are the same. Betting on horse racing might seem complicated, but it is pretty simple. First you must learn the rules. Once the odds have been place for the race you want to bet on, you must place your bet one minute before the race starts. A wager placed on that timeframe will be called an active bet. If a race is delayed or postponed for more than 12 hours it will be ruled “no action” and you will get your money back.

If your are starting to bet on horses, expert betting advise #2 is, learn the three basic wager types for horse racing. When you are placing a bet on, let’s say the Kentucky Derby for example, you find the horse you believe is going to win the race. You place a bet for that horse to WIN. That type of bet only pays out if your horse comes in at first place. If you like that horse but it might not finish first, you place a bet called PLACE, that wager means that in order for you to pay out the horse you selected must come in either first or second place. If you believe your horse will be in the to three, then you will place a bet called SHOW, in order for this wager to pay out your horse must come in at least third place or better.

Once you understand those wagers, then you can move on to other more complex types of bets. Most of the best gambling sites have a wager called ACROSS THE BOARD, it is like a SHOW wager, but with the main difference that this bet is more interesting, if you horse comes in third, you only pay out for the SHOW wager, if you horse comes in second place you collect on the SHOW bet and in the PLACE bet. If your horse wins the race you collect on the WIN, PLACE and SHOW bets (hence the name ACROSS THE BOARD).

There are more complex and riskier betting types available at most betting sites, bets that can bring you big payouts, but first things first. Dominate the basic concepts and take the time to get informed on the horses racing, in gambling recklessness is a one way ticket to bankruptcy. Expert Betting Advise #3, study the odds and at the bare minimum inform yourself on the participating horses before you place any type of wager.