Who will Win Redskins vs. Packers? NFL 2016 Wildcard Predictions

  • by Andrew Scofield
  • January 8th, 2016
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Green Bay Packers vs. Washington Redskins NFC wild Card Odds and predictionsTop Sports Betting Sites at the very beginning of the season had the Green Bay Packers listed as the favorite team to make it to Super Bowl 50, right up there with the Patriots. Things have not worked out that smoothly, and while Green Bay might still be able to make it to the Promised Land, they are going to have to take the long route to get there. This Sunday the Packers will be playing in the Wildcard game against the Washington Redskins at FedEx Field in Maryland, and they are considered to be the underdogs in this affair. Not quite what was expected at the very beginning of the season.

First of all both teams are in the position they are in for their own merits. The Redskins were a team that had internal issues and many doubts casted upon their season. Fast forward to now and the Redskins enter the Wildcard game hot, they won the division and have in Kirk Cousins a great quarterback that has carried this team long enough to make them a considerable threat in the NFC. The Redskins offense is powerful and scary, defensively they are underrated, they deserve to be the To Sports Betting Sites’ favorites for this game.

What can be said about the Packers? Well, the very first thing is that they are in a lot of trouble this time. After a fantastic 6-0 start, the Packers started to have the “engine check” light come up in their dashboard. Then, almost unexpectedly, they lost six of their remaining 10 games. Making them claw to clinch a Wildcard spot. Injuries have been a factor in their recent performances, but besides that their offense is not looking like the top-notch unit it once was. Aaron Rodgers has been getting almost NO protection, and they have struggled for the latter part of the regular season against good pass rushing defenses. Against the Cardinals, Aaron Rodgers was sacked 14 times.

The Packers noticeable areas of improvement and the Redskins strengths make this a mismatch. While the Packers have shown in the past that they are able to produce some good performances. Their current slump really don’t make them an appealing bet in Top Sports Betting Sites. In this game, we do not see them being able to get lucky against a real capable team that has gained enough momentum to turn things around. This game could be one sided, and if the Packers do not put on a fight from the get go, this could get very ugly for the second half. Redskins will win 28 – 14.