What to Expect on NFL Week 14

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The playoff race is heating up and after a wild week 13, we are on to the next one at Week 14. US friendly sportsbooks have not as of yet posted their odds, but that doesn’t prevent us from reviewing the games at having a clear idea of what we can expect this coming weekend. Will the Panthers remain undefeated? Will the Patriots come back from their two game losing streak? Will the playoff picture change? We will run down what to expect.

Full disclosure, at the time this article was written, Monday Night Football has not ended yet. But, all things considered, we are expecting a Redskins win.

The best team in professional football is the Carolina Panthers. People might want to argue about it, and that’s fine. But the record speaks for itself. On week 14, undoubtedly US friendly sportsbooks and online sports betting sites will place them as the sure favorites versus the Falcons, and they will not disappoint. Expect the Panthers to stay undefeated.

The Patriots will be facing the Texans at Houston with a necessity of snapping out of the two game losing streak they are on. And while, Patriots’ detractors might have relished these past few weeks, but the party is over. Pats will win this game, convincingly.

Another team that will have a lot of attention from players on US friendly sportsbooks, is the Denver Broncos. This week they will face the Oakland Raiders and put on a defensive show. Expect them to win this game with ease in a low scoring game.

Also, week 14 will see the very interesting race that is forming in the NFC North. Packers will travel to Dallas to face the Cowboys in a game that should be “win-able” for them. While the Vikings will host the Arizona Cardinals in Arizona in a dangerous outing. Now the NFC could be settled this weekend, but we have a sneaking suspicion that the Vikings will escape Arizona with the W, as well as the Packers. Although, don’t be surprised if the Packers loose.

Finally, US friendly sportsbooks and football fans should keep an eye out for that Steelers versus Bengals game. The Bengals already have secured a pretty good lead in the AFC North top spot. But the Steelers are hot in the race to make it to the post season, a win versus their division rivals could fire things up. This will be the low-key best game of the week, with the Bengals tightly edging the Steelers.