Why Top Sportsbooks Odds Favor Nurmagomedov over McGregor?

Conor McGregor vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov UFC 229 Sportsbook Odds and Expert Predictions

Why do top offshore sportsbooks favor UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov over Conor McGregor? It may have to do with the fact that Connie has got no balls. At least according to former sparring partner Paulie Malignaggi. “He has all the character flaws of a man with no balls”, Malignaggi said. “When you’re a fighter, you can tell right away who’s got character and who doesn’t. He has none. So, he tries to play it up in other ways so that he covers up the fact that he has no balls.” Paulie may be on to something here. Mac does behave like someone going through a mid-life crisis 20 years too soon. Also, Conor is twice the d-bag that Lance Armstrong is. And the latter has just one ball. So you do the math.

Betting McGregor

If mixed martial artists were rappers, Conor would be Biggie Smalls. He already has the ‘Notorious’ part of the nickname. And speaking of names, you cannot write Conor without the word ‘con.’ And Mac is a con man if there ever was one. Like Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkle Emmannuel Ambroise Diggs, a lot of McGregor’s act is nothing but smoke and mirrors. Shock and awe. It’s all a confidence trick from a confidence man. But what it boils down to is the man and not the trick. For example, Connie may have no balls. But he’ll walk around like he’s got balls the size of grapefruits. It’s no coincidence he stole his strut from Vince McMahon. They say the greatest trick the devil ever pulled is convincing the world he doesn’t exist.

The question is, is Conor McGregor a lowly Roger ‘Verbal’ Kint, or is he a bona fide Keyser Söze? He has not fought in the UFC since November 2016. Not counting the Mayweather fight because that was more like a stage production. Anyway, MMA fighters are accustomed to going without fighting for long periods. So top offshore sportsbooks should not hold that against Mac. And he has been acting as erratic as ever. Even more so, in fact, when it comes to Nurmagomedov. Conor’s mind games have served him well in the past. However, they won’t do him a lot of good if Khabib is able to see right through them.

Betting Nurmagomedov

The Eagle is not just unbeaten in his professional career. He also holds the longest undefeated streak in mixed martial arts. He’s like The Undertaker of MMA up in here. It took Brock Lesnar to break Taker’s streak. And Conor is no Brock Lesnar. And I’m perfectly aware wrestling is scripted. But I think the point is valid nonetheless. Then again, Khabib has faced no Conor McGregor either. Rafael dos Anjos is arguably the biggest name Nurmie has fought while in the UFC.

Not surprisingly, Urijah Faber seem to lean toward Connie. “I mean, I could be on the fence on this one, because Khabib could take him down a hundred times too. But ‘Mystic Mac’… He beat some good guys. Chad Mendes, Jose Aldo, those guys don’t get knocked out often… Eddie Alvarez… yeah a lot of tough guys,” he said. On the other hand, Dustin Poirier finds himself “kinda leaning toward Khabib. I just don’t know if he’s going to stop Conor or whatnot, but I’m thinking he’s going to get the victory.” And Dana White says McGregor is underrated. But he’s obviously biased, what with the huge mancrush he has on Conor.

Conor McGregor vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov UFC 229 Betting Information

  • Lightweight championship match
  • Event: UFC 229
  • Date: October 6
  • Venue: T-Mobile Arena, Paradise, Nevada

Best online sportsbooks odds from MyBookie.ag:

  • CONOR MCGREGOR +140 O 2½ (+115)
  • KHABIB NURMAGOMEDOV -165 U 2½ (-135)

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Our FREE Pick: Khabib may be the current flavor of the month. But as Diamond Dallas Page might rhetorically ask, who’d he ever beat? Unless he defeats Conor, he has beat no one. And it’ll probably remain that way.