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Top NFL Week 5 Betting Teams, Odds, Analysis and Predictions

Top NFL Week 5 Betting Teams, Odds and Picks

Betting sites for NFL have picked their top betting teams for Week 5 of the 2020 NFL regular season. And here they all are for your consideration.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers -3.5

The Bucs are the favorites at the best online sportsbooks over the Chicago Bears. Playing a short week out on the road is never easy. But Tampa Bay should be ready. Da Bears aren’t good offensively. Even with Nick Foles now under center. Tampa Bay should be able to contain them. The Bucs have some injury problems on offense, but they will do enough damage to win this one.
The Bucs win and cover the spread.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Chicago Bears Week 5 Odds

Buccaneers-3½ (-104)44½ (-110)-180
Bears+3½ (-116)44½ (-110)+155
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Los Angeles Rams -7

The Horned Ones will journey east for the third time to visit the Washington Football Team. Speaking of things that are never easy. The good news is that they will play a Washington team that is not very good and is struggling on offense. Look for the Rams offense to get its bearings back following a mediocre game last week. They will win this one easily.

The Rams win and cover the spread set by betting sites for NFL

Los Angeles Rams vs. WA Football Team Week 5 Odds

Rams-7 (-115)45 (-105)-350
WA Football Team+7 (-105)45 (-115)+281
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Buffalo Bills -1

This will be a second straight road game for the Bills. This time they will visit the Titans, and that is always challenging. The Titans are coming off a premature bye following the COVID-19 postponement of their game last week. The Bills are rolling offensively. Meanwhile, the Titans have defensive problems. Both those trends continue as Josh Allen keeps the Bills winning.
The Bills win and cover the spread.

Pittsburgh Steelers -7

This Steelers did not play last week, so they will be well-rested. Their opponents, the Eagles, got their first win on the road last week. However, that came at the expense of an undermanned 49ers team. Expect the Steelers defense to hold Carson Wentz back as the Steelers remain unbeaten.
The Steelers win and cover the spread established by betting sites for NFL.

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Pittsburg Steelers Week 5 Odds

Eagles+7 (-107)43½ (-115)+267
Steelers-7 (-113)43½ (-105)-330
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Arizona Cardinals -7

The Cards are playing straight road games on opposite coasts. This week it will be against the New York Jets, which are nothing but awful. Arizona lost a game they should have won last week in Carolina. They will get back on track this week.

The Cardinals will win and cover the spread.

Arizona Cardinals vs. New York Jets Week 5 Odds

Cardinals-7 (-110)46½ (-121)-335
Jets+7 (-110)46½ (EV)+271
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Kansas City Chiefs -13.5

The Chiefs are another team playing on a short week. Their offense didn’t look as good as it usually does on Monday night against the Patriots. But it will again against the Raiders. Las Vegas has defensive issues. Look for Pat Mahomes to come back with a vengeance.
The Chiefs win and cover the spread.

Houston Texans -6

The Texans sacked coach Bill O’Brien this week. Will that breathe some new life into them? Romeo Crennel takes over as interim coach against the Jaguars. Jacksonville is a defensive mess. This looks like a game for Deshaun Watson to make it do what it do.
The Texans will win and cover the spread.

Baltimore Ravens -13

The Bengals’ Joe Burrow versus the relentless defense of the Ravens. He has been good so far, but can he and his offensive survive this one? All signs point to no. Conversely, Lamar Jackson will have a picnic against the Bengals defense.
The Ravens win and cover the spread.

Atlanta Falcons -2.5

The Falcons season is on a sink or swims situation following a 0-4 start. They are so beat up on defense it’s hard to picture them defeating anybody. But they will play like their season is on the line, because it sort of is. They pull out a division win to get their first victory.
The Falcons win and cover the spread.

Atlanta Falcons vs. Carolina Panthers Week 5 Odds

Panthers+1 (-105)54½ (-114)-105
Falcons-1 (-115)54½ (-106-125
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