Titans vs. Patriots NFL Betting Divisional Odds, Picks and Analysis

Tennessee Titans vs. New England Patriots Best Offshore Sportsbook Odds, Predictions & Analysis

We have yet to see the New England Patriots in this year’s postseason. Yet, the Patriots can’t seem to stay out of the limelight. And this time, it has nothing to do with what the team is doing on the football field, but rather off of it. The best online sportsbook players are used to seeing damaging stories come out of New England, but this might be the first time we’ve seen one that alleges an incoming breakup in Foxborough. Will this news story affect the Patriots in this Sunday’s AFC Divisional matchup against the Tennessee Titans? The lines the best offshore sportsbooks are putting out don’t seem to think so.

Betting Tennessee

The Titans finished this year’s regular season with a 9-7 record to finish 2nd in the AFC South. Subsequently, the Titans needed a Wild Card berth to make this year’s playoff cut. Tennessee ended up making the postseason thanks to their midseason success, since the Titans lost 3 out of their final four games. Additionally, the Titans Week 17 upset over the Jacksonville Jaguars assured they would not miss the playoffs. Seeing Tennessee in the playoffs was a big enough of a surprise. However, seeing them make it to the divisional round by upsetting the Kansas City Chiefs in the Wild Card round was an even bigger bombshell.

The Titans have one thing going for them this weekend and that’s the ESPN story that alleges unusual levels of conflict in the Pats’ locker room. Unfortunately, this is the New England Patriots. And when it comes to the Patriots, these types of stories tend to pull the franchise together, giving them all a common enemy, instead of planting seeds of dismay.

Betting New England

The best offshore sportsbook players were picking the Pats to make the playoffs this season, and here they are. New England, unsurprisingly, finished as the AFC’s No. 1 seed and, naturally, got to sit on their butts during the first round of this year’s postseason. And since we haven’t gotten a look at this year’s playoff Pats, the talk surrounding New England is strictly focused on the aforementioned story which alleges an encroaching breakup.

Specifically, the ESPN story claims that a midseason decision from New England was forced upon Belichick. Undoubtedly, the best offshore sportsbook players will recall that New England treaded away Jimmy Garoppolo to the San Francisco 49ers for a 2nd rounder. It was obvious that Jimmy was worth more than this, and it was even more obvious that Belichick did not want this transaction to happen.

In short, the Pats’ head coach was hoping Garoppolo would be the successor to Brady. Unfortunately, Brady is convinced that he was what it takes to play for another 5 years. And since Robert Kraft, the Pats’ owner, considers Brady a son, it’s easy to understand why Kraft would force Belichick to trade Garoppolo away.

Rumor has it, this ruffled Belichick in an unforgivable way. Belichick is used to having final say in all things Patriot related. And if Kraft is starting to make these type of decisions, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Belichick walk away, or so the article claims.

Best Online Sportsbook USA Options:

Tennessee Titans +13 (-106)           47 ½ (-110)     +627

New England Patriots -13 (-114)     47 ½ (-110)     -925