Super Bowl LIV Expert Props Picks and Betting Analysis

San Francisco 49ers vs. Kansas City Chiefs 2020 Super Bowl 54 Betting Opening Lines

The best Super Bowl betting sites have added lots of bells of whistles to their usual offer, all because of Super Bowl LIV. Any event that can have more than one outcome has a prop bet attached to it. Before, during, and after the game. The best online sportsbooks are casting wide nets. They hope to catch even the small fry that usually cares little for football or gambling.

The National Anthem

Coaches and players are known to watch a lot of film of theirs and other teams. You can also go back and watch Demi Lovato’s past national anthem performances. For length patterns. For example, Game 4 of the 2015 World Series (1:58). Or the Conor McGregor-Floyd Mayweather boxing match in 2016 (2:12). While you’re at it, make sure to check her outfits and hair colors. Whether she holds the mic in her hand(s) or uses a mic stand. Listen intently to pick up any words she might have omitted.

Here are the lengths of national anthem performances since Super Bowl 40:

  • Super Bowl 40 Aaron Neville & Aretha Franklin      2:08
  • Super Bowl 41 Billy Joel         1:30
  • Super Bowl 42 Jordin Sparks  1:54
  • Super Bowl 43 Jennifer Hudson         2:10
  • Super Bowl 44 Carrie Underwood     1:47
  • Super Bowl 45 Christina Aguilera      1:54
  • Super Bowl 46 Kelly Clarkson           1:34
  • Super Bowl 47 Alicia Keys
  • Super Bowl 48 Renee Fleming           1:54
  • Super Bowl 49 Idina Menzel  2:04
  • Super Bowl 50 Lady Gaga      2:09
  • Super Bowl 51 Luke Bryan     2:04
  • Super Bowl 52 Pink     1:53
  • Super Bowl 53 Gladys Knight            1:49

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Other anthem-related bets include whether a player will raise a fist or take a knee. Also, whether a 49ers or Chiefs player or coach will be shown first (during the singing of the anthem, I guess).

Coin toss

In addition to the obvious head or tails, you can also bet on which team will win the coin toss. Both of which are 50/50 propositions. Heads has come up 25 times and tails 28 since the first Super Bowl. According to records kept by the best Super Bowl betting sites, tails has come up in five of the last six Super Bowls.

Halftime show

Not surprisingly, a popular prop is whether there will be a “wardrobe malfunction”. Another prop popular year-round among horny teenagers is whether Jennifer Lopez and Shakira will kiss. Also available is lip synching and butt cleavage.


Options for the first commercial include Budweiser or Coke, Toyota or Jeep, and Netflix or Amazon. You can also bet on whether a gay couple or someone wearing a yarmulke will appear in a commercial. Sadly, I couldn’t find any prop bet involving a gay couple wearing yarmulkes. I guess the world is just not ready yet for that.


I almost forgot there are prop bets that actually have something to do with football. The MVP of the Super Bowl is usually the winning team’s QB. For example, the Kansas City Chiefs’ Pat Mahomes. However, should the 49ers win, I predict the MVP award would go to a running back. Most likely Raheem Mostert. The best Super Bowl betting sites have him at +700.

Player props

These revolve around player statistics. For instance, number and length of completed passes for QBs and receivers. Or number and length of carries for a running back. And of course yardage gained and TDs scored by players in those positions.

Play props

Here we’re talking about the very first play of the game, as well as the first scoring play. Number of TDs and field goals. Will there be a safety? And stuff along those lines.

As for picks, prop bets are completely arbitrary – at least those not football-related. For those, I recommend doing your coin tosses.

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