Super Bowl 50: Panthers vs. Broncos Updated Odds

Top sportsbooks all over the internet have reposted their lines for Super Bowl 50 and with the clock winding down to kick off it is a good times to take a second and review what does the new line means to this game.

The very first line that was posted, as soon as the Conference Championship games came to a close and we discovered that the Broncos and Panthers were going to face off in San Francisco, the line favored the Panthers with a -3.5 line, that reflecting back on it seemed to be pretty interesting. Later, the average line at most of the top betting sites jumped up to the 6 point area, reflecting the massive amount of people and high rollers laying money on the Panthers. Today. As we are a couple of days away from kickoff the line now rests at -5.5 also favoring the Panthers. What does this mean? Will the line change?

Furthermore, the average over/under for Super Bowl 50 as posted by top sportsbooks is 44.5, staying within the same margin as it was originally posted. The over/under line will likely not move as much, and it will probably remain on the 44-45 region. It is surprising that considering the offensive capabilities the Carolina Panthers have, that line makers and sports betting sites are considering this game to not be a high scoring game. From what we gather, they are banking on a game that could be decided by a short margin. The possibility of this game becoming a blowout seems unlikely to all pundits, and it reflects on the latest betting trends.

As for the point spread, it appears that the initial mass of wagers all putting money on Carolina to cover the 3.5 point spread, forced sportsbooks to change the line and make the Panthers 6 point favorites, expecting more people to wager on Denver. This appears to remain the same as the new 5.5 point line was posted recently. Considering that the gambling trends, still have the masses pretty much split in half, it would be shocking nor surprising that line makers decided to change the line close to kickoff to -6.5 or even -7 in favor of the Panthers.

Considering that the game will be very hard fought, and that the Denver Broncos have a phenomenal defense, it is really no wonder that many anticipate that Denver could hold off Carolina’s attack and create a window of opportunity for this game to be very close and probably even winning the game. Top Sportsbooks report that a large movement of bettors laying money on the upset has been on the rise lately. Although, most pundits stick to their prediction that the Panthers will win by more than one touchdown.